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First lecture given on metaverse at Yıldız Technical University

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Yilduz Institute of Technology (YTU) is first time Universities that provide education on metaverse The virtual world “Starverse”.


The virtual reality-enabled metaverse platform “YTÜ Starverse” was developed by university faculty and students.

University Rector Tamer Yilmaz gave his first lesson on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” via this new technology using an avatar designed for him.

Students can join classes from anywhere with their digital avatars on this planet of digital education called Starverse.

A student who came to the classroom door was asked, “Would you like to join the class?” After answering yes, the door opened and Yilmaz’s avatar greeted the students.

attendance lecture In a digital universe-designed auditorium, 100 students were able to follow the lessons remotely from their computer screens or using augmented reality glasses.

The students were able to observe the first period in three dimensions while Rector Yılmaz explained the history of the agricultural society.

Therefore, when the subject of the industrial revolution came up, the working system of the steam engine invented by James Watt appeared before the students in three dimensions.


“We aim to be at the forefront of the digital future of education in Turkey. If we want to be a leading person or institution, we must innovate,” said Yilmaz.

Yılmaz said his first class in a virtual classroom was a special experience, saying that being teleported to an environment suitable for the subject and being able to go to Mars while talking about space is like sitting in a classroom. I pointed out that no and write on the board.

YTÜ member Ertan Toy said the pandemic has shown the whole world the importance of distance learning platforms.

“YTÜ Starverse” is a domestic and international metaverse platform where university scholars and students collaborate and use the university’s own resources and infrastructure, Toy said.

“Course administrators can move student avatars into environments created according to the lesson theme. The opening lecture teleported students to an agricultural society thousands of years ago,” he explains. Did.

The Metaverse team said it continues work to develop “Starverse,” and Toy said a planned innovation would allow students to purchase licensed virtual clothing for their avatars.


“We will also establish a virtual cultural planet where cultural activities will take place, such as concert halls, museums and exhibition areas,” he added.

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