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First Metaverse Shopping Mall Set To Rise In Mexico

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Mexico is second to none when it comes to testing cryptography-friendly regimes, interacting, and building innovative developments within the boundaries of the Metaverse and Web3. In fact, the North American-based country has turned to a crypto-centric regime with nationwide adoption of digital assets due to rising inflation problems within the state.

Mexico will introduce its first shopping mall type to the metaverse space with this slew. Dubbed Island Shopping Mall, the platform launched yesterday and currently features around 80 brands. This includes big names such as Pie Pie, Momiji and Victoria’s Secret, and we look forward to expanding our reach globally.

In particular, the Metaverse platform will list over 800 brands in total, and will gradually codify the presence of other brands.

This is the nature of the Metaverse Shopping Platform, where developers can program as many brands as they can imagine. In addition, virtual shopping involves sorting different products according to their quality in specific areas of emerging brands. Onboarded brands are deployed in public or private areas.

according to publication, a new type of shopping outlet will be put into operation, allowing users to download the mall application and enjoy the “online fun island paradise”. Additionally, when making online purchases through shopping malls, users acquire bacteria that can be used to obtain coupon codes and discounts at shopping points within Island Space.

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Big guys to attend Mexico’s first Metaverse shopping mall

Other big names participating in Mexico’s shopping malls include Biso, LA Colors, Bath & Body Works and GOC. The news also noted that the entrepreneurs behind the mall have also partnered with other brands such as Puma, Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Bershka, Guess and giants like Apple. .

Notably, some of these brands are already on their way to building their own metaverse strategies, much like Apple is today. developing Hardware for the optimal metaverse experience.Similarly, Guess announced With a Metaverse store, Nike relies on the Metaverse and NFTs to expand its business strategy.

The launch of the Metaverse shopping mall has revealed a growing adoption of Mexicans into the Web 3 technology and crypto sector.Comparison report It was published Hellosafe’s website reveals that Mexico has the largest metaverse market in Latin America. The Mexican economy has also been largely unaffected by inflation during this recession. Therefore, state residents have finally turned to cryptocurrencies to expand their earning opportunities.

Statistics show that over 13,000 Mexican investors are pouring money into Metaverse and cryptocurrency companies. And the report predicts Mexico’s market value to reach $650 billion by the end of the year. According to the report, if this rise is achieved, it will trigger another huge increase of $4,355 billion.

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