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Five MMORPG Blockchain Games You Need to See

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Can the MMORPG genre reinvigorate blockchain gaming? Check out Ember Sword, Star Atlas, Kryxivia, Treeverse, and Outer Ring!

Ember Sword, Star Atlas, Clyxivia, Treeverse, Outer Ring

Some members of the blockchain gaming space believe that massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) will bring the Web3 games industry back to life.

MMORPGs are complex games that allow players to interact with each other, organize and perform tasks, and create a player-driven economy. Blockchain technology, which enables digital ownership, is considered by many to be a perfect fit for this game genre. Because his thriving MMORPG economy is successfully built in the traditional gaming space. Examples are Albion Online, World of Warcraft, and EVE Online.

Let’s take a look at some MMORPG games built in the Web3 space.

Ember Sword (Polygon)


Ember Sword is a social sandbox classless MMORPG project developed by Bright Star Studios. It boasts a player-driven economy in the world of Tanabath. The map is divided into his four regions: Duskelon, Eddie Thaw, Severend, and Solarwood.Cosmetics seem to be the main Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Players can earn income by owning land in the game. Last year there was a sale of land in the Solarwood region, and an early demo of the game was released mid-year.

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Star Atlas (Sorana)


Star Atlas is arguably the most anticipated blockchain game on the Solana network. Developed by Automata and Sperasoft Studios, Star Atlas is an epic strategic space exploration game featuring territorial domination and political alliances. The player chooses one of his three regional factions: the Ustur Sector, the MUD Territory, and the ONI region. There are also different spaceships, depending on the job required. Star Atlas is still in development, but the team regularly updates its progress to the community.

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Clixibia (BNB chain)


Kryxivia is a medieval-themed MMORPG led by a French founder immersed in the cryptocurrency industry. This game is currently in alpha and players can play through a browser or the game his client. Kryxivia’s early graphics are reminiscent of his previous MMORPG titles such as RuneScape and MU Online. There is a dual token economy where the supply of both the Kryxivia coins $KXA and $KXS is capped.

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Treeverse (Ethereum)


Treeverse is a classless MMORPG with a strong focus on cooperative gameplay. Developed by Endless Clouds, the team has three of his NFT collections that influence the game. Players can plant her Nftrees that produce consumables to sell to other players. Plots are land items in the Treeverse that players can customize and rent. Timeless is a purely cosmetic NFT used to differentiate players and can be used across products developed by the team.

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Outer ring (BNB chain)


Outer Ring is positioned as a sci-fi fantasy game with a cartoonish art style compared to Star Atlas, so space-themed MMORPGs abound.according to them white paper, players are free to choose their path within the game as there is no specific storyline. This Metaverse is inhabited by his five species: Earthlings, Vaurans, Oracles, Skavengons, and Mechas. The game is currently in pre-sale, with the marketplace opening earlier this month.

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