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Funversy updates the functions of Launchpad, Farm and Trade to Connect Reality and NFT

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Funversy updates Launchpad, Farm and Trade features to connect Reality and NFT

Funversy, the first NFT ecosystem built on the BNB network, recently launched in beta, updating features for Launchpad, Farm and Trade, and working to create a new NFT platform with incentive properties.

The Launchpad sector provides high-quality NFT projects by launching NFT fragments. For the first time, users can see all registered, ongoing and upcoming NFT projects.

Farm sectors allow you to stake NFTs or Fragments to enjoy token productivity bonuses.

The Trade Department allows you to trade Fragments on the secondary market.

“We are trying new ways of communicating from traditional art to NFT digital art, building a whole new market for trading. That is where Funversy started.” Funversy founder Told.

Funversy combines a real artwork audit system with the coexistence of online NFT values, using NFTs and real physical exchanges to strip away the speculative hype and provide a glimpse into the value hidden deep inside. , tried to start from a completely new perspective.

With Web3-era consensus, Funversy seeks a new balance between traditional artwork and emerging NFTs. After much deliberation, we decided to create Funversy, a fragmented NFT platform, using NFTs as its mirrors, using real artworks as examples to awaken restless art souls. did.

What is Fanverse?

Funversy is the first NFT ecosystem built on the BNB network to execute fragmented transactions. There are products such as digital art innovation, ecological construction, and IP incubation. It solves traditional artwork by splitting NFTs, fragmented transactions, and competitive auctions. The shortcomings of transactions and the liquidity difficulties of NFTs wrestle with realizing the realistic and idealistic goal that the value of NFTs tends to be true.

At Funversy, by uploading realistic artwork from the Art Basel exhibition with a single click, the platform creates a complete NFT and splits it into various NFT fragments for sale in a limited number on LaunchPad. increase. Each participant will receive a special “Bid to Earn” reward and partial ownership of the NFT.

Funversy believes this new revolution will bring unexpected surprises. At the same time, this experiment discusses the viewing rights of NFTs under limited time and space. Interacting with the charm of traditional crafts will continue to have infinite value.

About Fanverse.

Funversy is the first decentralized NFT trading marketplace built on the BNB network for fragmented trading, and through NFT splitting, fragmented trading, and competitive auctions, it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional art trading. We are dedicated to solving NFT liquidity problems and achieving realistic and ideal things. Our goal is to make the value of NFT a reality.

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Discord? https://discord.gg/3F4MaBKQwG


Moderate: https://medium.com/@funversy

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