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Gluwa Blockchain Partners With Lagos State Government to Digitize Agricultural Assets

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San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 27, 2022 by Chainwire

blockchain Infrastructure platform Gluwa partners with the Lagos State government to transform the agricultural sector. The move will enable the digitization of agricultural assets and make it easier for local farmers to raise funds.

The project will involve the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology and Land Department. These entities will support the consolidation of physical farmland into non-fungible tokens to provide access to digital asset-backed loans to all farmers in Lagos State.

Gluwa CEO Tae Oh said: Governments and the private sector must modernize to realize their full potential and attendant benefits. “

“Identify, record and trade agricultural assets in innovative ways, according to the five-year roadmap for the Lagos state agricultural and food system, which is expected to generate more than $10 billion in the sector by 2025. is of immeasurable value. blockchain technology. “

Lagos Agriculture Commissioner Abisollah Olsanya said the government of Governor Babajide Sanwooru is committed to making Lagos state fully self-sufficient in the areas of wealth creation, value creation, food security and agricultural industrialization. said to be aiming for sector.

Olusanya said the strategy for sustainable agricultural development focuses on three pillars of upstream sector growth. This will be achieved by leveraging technologies that can lower the cost of production in the value chain, and by developing and launching policies that “focus on the growth of valuable mid- and downstream sectors and encourage more private investment.” It will be achieved by improving the participation of the private sector in agriculture.”

About Guruwa

Gluwa is an open financial platform that connects developed market capital to emerging market lending opportunities. blockchain technology. By providing a decentralized infrastructure rail for raising and distributing capital anywhere in the world, investors can use his Gluwa Invest platform to participate in debt financing deals with fintech lenders in emerging markets. , can get up to 15% of his APY.


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