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Google Cloud To Enter Blockchain Node World with New Service

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Tech giant Google is increasing its exposure to digital assets and blockchain by launching a new solution, the Blockchain Node Engine.and statementthe company calls the solution “fully managed node hosting for web3 development,” allowing developers to build and deploy new products on a variety of blockchain-based platforms.

“Nodes on the blockchain form a peer-to-peer network, constantly exchanging the latest blockchain data to keep all nodes in sync,” said the business.

“In contrast to self-managed nodes that are difficult to deploy and often require ongoing management, Blockchain Node Engine is a fully managed node hosting service that minimizes the need for node operations. Google’s parent company, Alphabet: Amit Zavery, GM/VP of Engineering and Platforms, and James Tromans, Director of Cloud Web3.

“Web3 companies that require a dedicated node to relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read and write blockchain data with the reliability, performance, and security expected of Google Cloud’s computing and networking infrastructure. You can,” the statement said.

Google, under the plan, Ethereum (ETH) It will be the first blockchain supported by Blockchain Node Engine. This will allow the developer to provision her fully managed ETH node with secure blockchain access. Google is expected to gradually add more blockchain to its portfolio of services.

The tech giant said Blockchain Node Engine will offer Web3 organizations the following benefits:

Streamlined provisioning

Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine allows developers to deploy a new node in a single operation and specify the desired region and network (mainnet, testnet), making the process of synchronizing a complete node fast and Easy to do.

safe development

Google’s Blockchain Node Engine allows developers to place nodes behind virtual private cloud (VPC) firewalls with security configurations that help prevent unauthorized access to nodes.

Fully managed operation

The company designed its blockchain node engine as a fully managed service, making it available to users without interruption. GCP actively monitors nodes and restarts them during outages. According to Google, the solution reduces the need for his dedicated DevOps team and relies on Google Cloud’s service level agreements (SLAs) so users don’t have to focus on maintaining their digital infrastructure.

“We look forward to supporting organizations with reliable and easy-to-use blockchain node hosting services, allowing them to focus their time on innovating and scaling their Web3 applications,” the statement said.

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