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Google Launches Cloud Node Engine For Ethereum Developers

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Google launches cloud-based Node Engine service. ethereum Developers and Projects, Technology Companies announced Thursday.

Google’s service, formally called Blockchain Node Engine, is a “fully managed service”. This means customers do not need to hire their own team to maintain or monitor their nodes. Instead, Google says it “proactively monitors nodes and reboots nodes if problems occur.”

Blockchain Node Engine also includes various Google-like security features. cloud armoris designed to prevent Denial of Service (DDos) attacks that send spam and slow down your network.

Google says that node is also behind it. VPC firewall, which allows users to customize the type of permissions they need. Customers can also choose where to geographically deploy their nodes.

node— Containers that run code for cryptographic networks — are essential Web3 building blocks, required for networks like Ethereum to work properly. The higher the number of nodes in the network, the better the decentralization, scalability and security.

Google, which already operates on a global scale, is clearly aware of this fact and Web3 infrastructure space. Richard Widmanthe head of Google’s Web3 strategy previously told Decryption At the Mainnet conference, he said that by offering such a cloud-based service, he’s trying to “build a giant bridge” between the traditional tech industry and Web3.

When asked if the Node engine could help prevent network outages, James Tromans, Director of Cloud Web3 at Google, said: Decryption You will be notified by email that the outage will occur “for various reasons”.

“The more providers like Google Cloud that offer quality node infrastructure, the more redundancy there is and the more confusion end users can face in situations where the underlying infrastructure has issues. lower,” Tromans said.

Increasing the number of nodes in your network also increases the overall network security. Thousands of nodes around the world can act as backups in case one of them runs into technical problems or is shut down.

Google only supports Ethereum nodes at launch, but we hope to expand the node engine service to more networks.

“We are aware that other chains are gaining momentum and we plan to support some of them in the future,” said Tromans. Decryption.

This node engine news should come as no surprise to those familiar with Google’s stance on cryptocurrencies and Web3. Earlier this year, Google revealed it had formed a team of staff dedicated to digital assets and cloud-based services. Web3 service.

In January, Google announced blockchain technology as a “amazing innovationWe shared our intention to build a node validator as a blockchain history service and data hosting service for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Polygon.

The launch of Google’s Node Engine is a major development of the Web3 infrastructure, but it can raise concerns about centralization. Widmann is aware of this possibility and does not want Google to take over Web3.

“If everything runs on Google, frankly, the first thing I would say is that’s the problem,” says Widmann.

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