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GOSH launches as the first ever Git blockchain

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Developers can transparently track and validate all code they write, making sure that malicious code is immediately noticed.

Kyiv, Ukraine, May 10, 2022 / PRNewswire /-Announced at DockerCon, GOSH Released as the first blockchain in history custom built for giton-chain. GOSH is affiliated Docker Protect your software supply chain with the GOSH Docker extension. GOSH’s mission is to protect the global software supply chain, which has long been a major issue for enterprises, and to provide a comprehensive solution to gain value trapped in open source projects.

“It’s easy to store git in a chain,” said Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO of. EverX The co-founder of GOSH said: “Attack happens every day. Blockchain is the only technology widely used and very secure. The only problem is that until now it wasn’t possible to store git onchain. GOSH isn’t the only thing. Security, it’s about providing developers with a better overall git.

“Currently available Git management systems aren’t tailored to open source, except they’re insecure. Software management always requires code to be passed to a centralized party, and so far. There was no community management of the code. GOSH changes This is achieved by allowing developers to convert git repositories to DAO and build consensus on the code. “

Today’s software supply chains are vulnerable to security and transparency risks, making containers particularly vulnerable. For this reason, the team behind GOSH is pleased to announce their first partnership. The GOSH Docker extension is a tool to ensure that the Docker container built on GOSH is secure and unmodified. Developers can see that the container itself was built using only the components specified in the smart contract.

With GOSH, there is no need for developers to tweak the workflow, and it’s still very git. Only now will developers be able to transparently track and validate all the code they write, rather than relying solely on social metrics such as stars and ratings. Malicious code can be quickly noticed because the code can be traced down to distribution and all elements of the software can be traced back to the source code.

GOSH has already actively worked with Amaze and BitRezus to ensure that the supply chain is airtight. “Here at Amaze, we are passionate about NFTs. From creators to entrepreneurs, our customers have the opportunity to create NFT mint and mint templates as the basis for new exciting technologies that promise to create great value for our customers. Offering to. ” Aaron DayAmaze CEO, “The nature of the services we offer means that safety is our number one priority. We need to ensure that our funds are not endangered when our users deal with financial tools. Yes. GOSH technology does not put your software at risk because the code is developed and delivered in a secure manner. “

BitRezus CEO KonstantinosAntonakopoulos has been added: “Astropledge works to prevent cybercrime and safely deliver software to satellites using blockchain, the technology of choice for tasks. Our aim is to bring assets to space. Protecting against the dangers of hackers and human error. Adopting GOSH is a natural evolutionary step. For us, seeing it as the only blockchain to protect our services. We provide In delivering software securely to satellites. “

About GOSH

GOSH stands for Git Open Source Hodler. It’s a decentralized community Git blockchain designed to protect your software supply chain. GOSH is the first and only formal validated Git implementation. Built as a highly scalable multithreaded and multisharded blockchain, developers can build a layer of smart contracts for structural security, making it the first platform to be as secure as writing code.It was founded in May 10, 2022..

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