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Gucci Vault Opens In The Sandbox, Bringing Luxury Fashion Into The Metaverse

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Gucci is the first luxury brand to build its own space within digital real estate platform The Sandbox, cementing its position as a pioneer in the Metaverse.

experimental concept store gucci vault land will be available from October 27th to November 9th. Players will experience his Vault in 360° through hands-on narratives and have the chance to earn exclusive rewards and his SAND (The Sandbox’s utility his token or currency) upon completing activities.ethereum

Conceived by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Vault represents a careful curation of rare vintage Gucci pieces, a dialogue between contemporary creators and the Maison, and a passion for NFT artwork, combining these different facets with the power of community. Combined.

The ultimate goal of this effort is to educate the Web3 community about Gucci’s legacy through gamification.

Gucci has opened the door to the Vault for everyone. No NFT or ticket required. Beginning with the Garden of Curiosities, users can wander through a grand entrance hall where adventures unfold in a series of rooms designed around the brand’s story.

For example, guests can restore a vintage Gucci bag in the Vault Vintage Lab or solve a riddle in the Vault Room of Rhyme.

There are also digital collectibles, from hats to skate ramps and even cars, each conceived as an exhibit for its owner to proudly display on their property.

Additionally, as a bonus for the Gucci Vault community, those who own a Gucci Vault NFT in a Gucci Vault NFT (such as SUPERGUCCI or Gucci Grail) will receive the Gucci Vault Aura Collection (wearable fashion for their avatar in The Sandbox).

The Vault encompasses all of Gucci’s Web3 efforts under one umbrella, but it’s not the first time a luxury brand has made a bold move towards the metaverse. Gucci is the first luxury brand to launch an NFT in May 2021, and within his Roblox in the metaverse and gaming platform he introduced Gucci Garden.

The recent appointment of Robert Triefus as CEO of Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures is another indicator of Gucci’s determination to expand its commitment to the Metaverse and expand its virtual experience.

But Gucci isn’t the only company making these efforts. Other luxury fashion brands are also increasing their investment in Metaverse and his Web3 technology.apart from Forrester Forecast The NFT and Metaverse hype will cool off in 2023. Some of the biggest names in fashion continue to ramp up their digital efforts.

Dolce & Gabbana NFT Collection of 9 Pieces set a record of about $6 millionBurberry has an NFT collection Mythical Games’ Blancos Block Party blockchain games and balmain and barbie The partnership features ready-to-wear, accessories and exclusive NFTs.

according to Statistathe global metaverse market is worth $47.48 billion in 2022 and is expected to surge to $678.8 billion by 2030.

In this regard, Meta is still betting heavily on the rise of the Metaverse, adding an Avatar Store to Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, where users can purchase digital clothing and style their avatars.

Balenciaga, Thom Browne, Prada The first three designers to partner with Meta About the digital fashion experience expected to be available soon in VR.

According to Carol Hilsum, senior director of product innovation at Farfetch,
the metaverse is THE NEXT STAGE OF LUXURY SHOPPINGThis explains why fashion brands are rushing to plant digital seeds in the metaverse and future-proof their businesses.

From creating exclusive and personalized experiences for their communities and tailoring their own loyalty programs, to selling digital assets and creating excitement for new product launches, visionary brands are leading the fashion industry. We are slowly building the foundation for the future.

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