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Hackers Are Taking Advantage of Typing Mistakes to Steal Cryptocurrency – Security Bitcoin News

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Groups of hackers use typos to introduce malware to Android phones and Windows-based PCs. According to a report published by Cyble, hackers are using a technique called typosquatting to obtain data and private keys from unsuspecting users by registering domains that closely resemble those of an organization’s official brand. .

Entering the wrong web domain can put your wallet at risk

Hackers set up networks of malware-infected domains to take advantage of users’ typing imprecision when visiting certain websites.according to report Issued by Cyble, a cybersecurity and digital risk assessment company, these domains mimic well-known organizations and apps such as the Google Play Store, Apkure, and Apkcombo.

Users visiting the domain are prompted to download an infected version of the requested app. It acts as a vehicle for infection. Targeted devices, whether Android phones or Windows PCs, are infected with a version of ERMAC. ERMAC is a malware Trojan that allows attackers to access some important private data (including private keys) within the targeted device.

First discovered in 2021, the banking Trojan currently targets over 460 applications, and attackers can rent the service for $5,000 per month.

Hackers targeting more sites and brands involved

While the aforementioned report found only a small amount of evidence of imitated apps and brands, further investigation was conducted by another security source. Confirmed At least 27 brands and app names have been targeted in this type of attack.Among these is Tiktok
Developer apps like Vidmate, Snapchat, Paypal and even Notepad+ and Tor Browser.

Cryptocurrency wallets and crypto mining and related sites are also included in the list.tron link
Metamask, Phantom, Cosmos Wallet, and Ethermine are also part of the group of sites targeted. Each of these fake domains has a different typosquatting domain registered to maximize the effectiveness and damage of the attack.

Cybel makes a number of recommendations to avoid this kind of attack, including effective antivirus protection for your phone and PC, and regular monitoring of your wallet and bank account. The best advice, though, is to use a search engine to land on her webpage for software and apps. blog post Instructions and links displayed as part of advertising campaigns.

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