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#[Herald Interview] World’s first festival on NFT film, art on way — starting in Newport Beach

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Beach Cities NFT Film & Arts Festival founder Kim Jeong-jung (left) and Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon pose for a photo in Seoul on Thursday. (Lee Yoon-seo/The Korea Herald)

South Korean film director and Newport Beach mayor co-host world’s first irreplaceable token film and arts festival in California’s coastal mecca, Newport Beach, just an hour away from Hollywood To do.

Film director and festival organizer Kim Jeong-jung said in an interview with The Korea Herald:

“Currently, the major film studios have a monopoly on the production and distribution of movies around the world. I think so,” said Kim.

He said his festival, due to start in the spring of 2023, aims to educate the public about the importance of the film industry making use of NFT technology and moving to virtual spaces.

The Beach Cities NFT Film & Art Festival will consist of three parts, the first part being a film festival, with simultaneous screenings on the Metaverse and Yacht.

According to Kim, the festival will change locations, moving from Newport Beach, San Diego and San Francisco to the coast, eventually reaching the South Korean port cities of Busan and Jeju. It was chosen as the prime spot for the launch.

Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon said in an interview in Seoul, “Newport Beach is warm to foreigners and offers stunning natural scenery that inspires Metaverse platform developers.

“Newport Beach is honored to host this exciting endeavor. Residents attending the festival will benefit from the opportunity to learn more about emerging industries – the metaverse and NFT technology in the film industry,” said Muldoon. says Mr.

Newport Beach and Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea recently signed a memorandum of understanding to provide a platform for the Metaverse Film Festival. Gyeongsangbuk-do Office is the only municipality here that has a separate office for formulating metaverse policies.

The NFT Art Fair will feature a metaverse and offline exhibition of NFT artwork alongside a virtual NFT Marketplace. A special forum dedicated to artist networking will be held.

Kim believes that blockchain technology will make available a fully decentralized way to post artwork.

“Also, submitting work as an NFT and exhibiting it in the Metaverse strengthens the rights of artists and allows us to connect artists and viewers more directly by removing middlemen,” he added. I was.


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