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Hollywood star teams up with a crypto firm to give out free NFTs 1

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Hollywood star Scott Eastwood announces partnership with Pastel Network for free distribution NFTs to market traders. In an interview with the well-known actor, he mentioned freebies while noting that he was still skeptical about the crypto sector. We mentioned being cautious about the crypto sector as there are many ways we can lose.

Hollywood stars still skeptical of crypto sector

The Hollywood star has appeared in several blockbuster movies in recent years, with Suicide Squad and Pacific Rim being popular movies. But he now knows his footing around the market and is working to understand it better. NFTs sector.

More than anything else in the crypto market, NFTs have caused so much controversy among traders and artists across the sector. Most big-name music and movie stars have adopted some of them, yet they haven’t emerged without public backlash. He said he would launch his own art in collaboration with

User must complete the Eastwood Challenge to win

Aside from acting, Eastwood is now one of the major shareholders of MadeHere, an American beer company. The movie star said he will release three of his NFTs in the next three months. The first NFT will be Eastwood’s pop culture digital art. The artist is the famous Paul Garben who has worked with many notables from the film and music scene to enter his NFT division. NFT sees star actors play various forms of comic book legends such as The Flash, Wolverine, and more.

In his statement, the Hollywood star said lucky users who win the NFT will be open to benefits such as autographed items from the movie star and invitations to the premiere of his new film. The winners of the can also win for the same price, but with an added payout to a charity for veterans. To win individual Without belching on TikTok, I need to explain the best charities over a beer. When they do this, Pastel makes a substantial donation to charity.

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