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Horror and Zombie Fans Everywhere Get A Special George A. Romero NFT Experience

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Nifty’s, an NFT-powered community platform, has announced a partnership with George A. Romero’s Estate and Polyform Studios to bring horror and zombie fans the experience of George A. Romero’s Zombie Nation digital collection. The collaboration is the estate’s first NFT project and highlights iconic character references throughout Romero’s career trajectory.

The multi-part Avatar program will launch in time for Halloween 2022, beginning with a community screening of “Night of the Living Dead” co-hosted by Romero’s wife, Suzu Romero, on October 30. Heading into Avatar’s 2023 launch, fans can look forward to a host of community-focused experiences and horror movie co-learning tutorials.

The Avatar Collection resembles a trading card style featuring character references such as “Survivor,” “Rebel,” and other iconic zombie movie archetypes from the filmmaker’s strong catalog. Randomly generated digital collectibles also include 100% hand drawn and digitally painted attributes to add a realistic element to your project. Additionally, for the first time at Nifty’s, fans who purchase within the Romero campaign receive ownership of the avatar’s copyright and license rights.

In keeping with Romero’s imagination and spirit for storytelling, NFT owners will have a series of Token Gate tutorials focused on the creative use of their avatars, including scripting, storyboarding, rigging, and animating NFTs. is provided.

Nifty CEO and co-founder Jeff Marsilio said: “Nifty’s is thrilled to support the Romero Estate in integrating NFT collectibles for super fans looking to continue the legacy of the great George Romero. We look forward to opening the doors to benefit from it, and to showcasing the work of future filmmakers looking to walk in Romero’s legacy.”

“Working with a legendary brand to take your first steps into the world of Web3 is always a thrilling and rewarding design task. “We are working with the Romero Estate and Nifty team to create something truly for Mr. We are thrilled and honored to continue the tradition of zombie filmmaking.”

Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, Founder and President of George A. Romero Estates, said: “The true impact of his work is remarkable and is felt and experienced around the world. Now you can own a piece of George A. Romero’s Zombie His Nation.”

As the first collaboration between Nifty’s, Polyform Studios and The Romero Estate, the program’s goal is to create unique collections and storytelling opportunities that bring horror fans closer to the films and characters of the late George A. Romero.

For more information and the latest information, please visit: www.niftys.com Follow @Niftys and @ZombieNationGAR on Twitter.

About Nifty
Nifty’s connects fans with what they love most through NFT-powered collectibles, experiences and rewards. Our revolutionary NFT platform and easy-to-use interface allows the community to collect and trade digital art and other collectibles from their favorite brands and creators. Nifty’s leverages eco-friendly blockchain technology to provide partners with a premium, flexible and secure platform for Nifty’s global community to launch and discover his NFTs To do.

About George A. Romero Estate
The George A. Romero Estate is a multi-faceted entity that manages all interests and ongoing projects of the legendary filmmaker as well as overseeing Romero’s assets, most of them at the University of Pittsburgh’s prestigious Held and archived by the Hillman Library.The Library’s Romero Collection allows scholars and fans around the world to explore, study and cherish Romero’s life’s work. Deposits include unproduced scripts, film his archives, and memorabilia.
The George A. Romero Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Suzanne Desrochers-Romero to honor the life, work and cultural impact of George A. Romero. All proceeds from the foundation will go to support independent filmmakers and artists seeking to continue Romero’s scare of social conscience.

About Polyform
Polyform Studio is the place to turn ideas, user needs, and business goals into beautiful, easy-to-use digital products. Polyform utilizes design, strategy and battle-tested processes to transform technology breakthroughs, business needs, user feedback and crazy ideas into category-defining digital consumer products. The company designs products for mobile, AR, IoT, and the web.
For more information, see: www.polyform.co

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