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How Ekolance Is Closing The Demand Gap For Blockchain Professionals In Africa

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As of March 2022, only 21% of cryptocurrency owners will be women, and only five of the top 12 cryptocurrency companies in the world are led by women.

Women rarely talk about their financial situation with family and friends, which hinders their ability to learn and venture into new financial markets.

a Investigation A study by BlockFi showed that only 9% of women feel they understand cryptocurrencies.

Another study conducted by LongHash in 2018 found that among 100 blockchain startups, only 14.5% of employees and 7% of management positions were female.

These numbers are disturbing, but we are lucky to know that there is an organization trying to change this narrative.

These organizations provide educational resources to help women overcome the challenges of economic dependence.

One of the organizations in this step is Ecolanceis an education and recruitment platform that helps emerging market professionals, especially women, start working in blockchain.

In a chat with the co-founder, Modupe Ativilearned how the platform provides structured training for new blockchain career paths and connects trained professionals to employers.

simple background

In 2018, just as a hobbyist, I started trading cryptocurrencies with my husband. That same year was the beginning of the cryptocurrency bull market.

Heading into 2019, I discovered the technology behind cryptocurrencies and started studying more about blockchain technology.

When lockdown hit in 2020, I finally took the time to research deeper and start understanding more use cases for the technology.

This gave me more insight and ultimately an understanding of the power of this technology. After that, I started an international network, trying to find people who knew more about blockchain.

I was so intrigued that I felt everyone should know about blockchain and started selling affordable blockchain training later that same year. I started working on blockchain projects internationally. to your team of coders.

Heading into 2021, I am attending many conferences around the world. In many of these meetings, I was the only woman, or even the only black woman. I remember one of the conferences I attended.

India blockchain Alliance founder Raj Kapoor said he, along with someone from the Disney Dragon chain, formed the Global Blockchain Women Alliance and started promoting it in India.

He asked me if I wanted to lead an initiative for women in Africa.

In 2021, she was also selected for the DLT Talent Program for Women organized by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Centre.

This was an 18-week program that gave me the opportunity to network with female developers, entrepreneurs and educators from all over the world.

For me, education and awareness were still my strongest points, but I was also excited about other things that came out of my interactions with other blockchain actors in Nigeria and Africa.
When I first heard about eNaira, I was so excited.

Having once written an article titled “Nigeria Goes from Crypto Ban to CBDC in 9 Months”, eNaira thought it would be a more crypto-friendly move for the government, but it wasn’t. .

Luckily, people like Adedeji Owonibi, the founder of Nigeria’s first blockchain hub, and groups like SiBAN (Nigeria’s Blockchain Stakeholders Association) are in talks with members of the SEC and CBN. and hope to hear some good news soon.

Currently, I am involved in multiple projects in the blockchain space. Co-founder of Ekolance. Ekolance is a great training and recruitment platform for people in emerging economies.

I am also the Africa Hub Leader of the Global Blockchain Women Alliance and Vice President of SheFab, the Women’s Empowerment arm of the FinTech and blockchain Association. He also participates in several advisory boards on NFTs and fintech companies.

Women are still underrepresented in this area, which mainly means that one woman can end up doing a lot.

About 5 months after its launch, a community of over 1,400 people was created. The reason this is small is because we are reaching out to professionals, people who already have some competence.

This is important as a standard as we want to be able to present it to international companies.

We believe that people can get basic training on their own.

We have separate training programs for Community Managers, Content Creators, and Solidity Developers and plan to add more courses soon, including building and delivering these programs in the metaverse.

Should I worry about the decline of female developers?

If there are fewer female developers in the blockchain space, will it matter? The only thing is that there is no balance in the sector.

I think it’s important for more women to participate, for reasons of only balance. This is why all sectors should be equally represented.

In the words of one of my mentors in blockchain, Raj Kapoor, founder of the Blockchain Alliance of India. “It is belief, not ability, that makes women and girls feel that blockchain is not for them.” So it’s not a question of whether they can handle it, it’s simply a prejudice that comes with their gender, and that misconception is clouding their minds.

The first thing I did during a training session at the Global Blockchain Women Alliance was that technology is global, it’s for everyone, and what women are trying to achieve is the same as other women. to let women know. A man can achieve anywhere.

The tech sector has thrived so far, despite the increased numbers of men, but we believe it will get even better. With more women participating, the sector will be balanced.

How does Ekolance fulfill its mission?

Ekolance does this by offering training programs for the most demanding blockchain professionals. Most blockchain training available is focused on developers and we have confirmed that Ekolance is the only emerging country focused blockchain training organization to train on a specific blockchain. Profession.

We want more women to see these possibilities and currently have over 500 women registered as community managers and content creators in our program.

This is not out of the ordinary as blockchain and cryptocurrency information is controlled by social media where many women are interested and talented.

At our Solidity Developer Camp, we had about 20% women in our first cohort, but typically, including other courses, about 40% of the population is women.

Although the program is not gender specific, it does reduce the barriers to entry for women and it helps. For example, more women than men apply for the role of community her manager.

Ekolance offers training free of charge.

We consider ourselves an ESG startup. That means we are focused on providing education and financial inclusion.

The cycle doesn’t just end with training. After training our people, we connect them with global employers, giving them the opportunity to land high-paying jobs and improve their quality of life.

My dream is for talented women from emerging countries to earn the same quality of work as talented men from developed countries.

Currently, the blockchain space is so demanding that employers are sometimes willing to pay 100% of a developer’s annual salary as a hiring fee, but we don’t charge much.

Our revenue model focuses on billing employers who hire the people we train for free. It hasn’t officially happened yet, but sometimes we may be able to get a sponsor to sponsor our training program.


The first course we went to was the Solidity camp. It was his 13-week program, which he started in May and he had just rounded up at the beginning of August.

For the Solidity Camp, we applied for about 20 jobs, over 200 people applied, and about 60 people started the camp. The cohort ended with approximately 30 people following through to the end.

For our community managers, we recently put together a course with them.They are currently being matched with employers.We are also looking for more open opportunities for them. increase.

How are the Global Women Alliance and Ekolance working together to bridge this gap?

The Global Blockchain Women Alliance is something I’ve been doing for a lot longer than Ekolance. I faced the challenge of getting women to believe in the potential of blockchain technology.

While 90% of women in my age group have a negative opinion of cryptocurrencies, the most common use case for blockchain, young women find themselves excited about cryptocurrencies and the future. I got

Last summer, we completed our first free coding camp for girls at the Global Blockchain Women Alliance. A website independently developed by an 8 year old and her 9 year old girl, with participants from 8 to her 16 expressing their excitement. We are already preparing these young girls for the tech future.

By the time these girls are ready to land a job as developers, they’ll be experts through Ekolance.

Blockchain and the future of girls, how do you see the two merging?

At the Global Blockchain Women Alliance, we envision a world where girls can confidently tackle problems on all levels using blockchain. This is the world we are trying to create.

If they are confident in undertaking a career in the blockchain space, nothing can stop or delay them.

They don’t think they’re inferior because they’re girls, and they don’t think they’re incompetent.

This is the future we envision and we are working towards.

I choose to develop solutions that transform the world and see a future where there are more girls and more women working in this field.

bottom line

Ekolance is launching a program for content creators. Content is now all in the web3 and blockchain space. Because the content there is what controls the actions and omissions of investors, traders, and everyone else in the sector.

As a content creator, how you represent and project your brand ultimately impacts the success of your brand, product, or community.

That’s why we launched a six-week training program for content creators on September 22nd. It’s completely free.

Our training program allows participants to gain experience in the blockchain space by meeting experts and future employers and completing challenges.

Featured Image: Modupe Ativie, Co-Founder, Ekolance

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