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How GameFi Discovery Platforms will Make Blockchain Gaming Mainstream

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Since GameFi’s wild popularity, investors and gamers alike have been wondering when Web3 games will finally see mass adoption. But an often overlooked enabler of GameFi’s mass adoption is the gaming platform.

Blockchain games have grown significantly over the last few years.In just one year, users of blockchain games have 2,000% increase from 2021, the NFT and DeFi markets are left in the dust by pure users. However, despite its success so far, it’s no secret that the GameFi space’s ultimate goal is to encapsulate the entire gaming industry. In other words, mass adoption.


The game reportedly allowed its users to earn as much, if not more, than players from the country of the third word earn for a living. This even encouraged certain users to quit their day jobs in hopes of pursuing Axie Infinity full-time. was a factor.

In the Axie Infinity craze, Web3 games have definitely gone mainstream, almost achieving their dream of mass adoption.Iconic play-to-earn games earned nearly the same number 2 million daily active users by 2021, Its main player base was from Southeast Asian countries.

Besides Axie, several other blockchain games offered a variety of compelling opportunities for gamers looking to earn money, such as virtual land ownership (The Sandbox, Decentraland) and pursuit of fitness goals (StepN). .But so far, despite all efforts, the industry still hasn’t touched everyone’s hearts 3.24 billion gamers in the traditional game industry.

But a neglected and essential application that will help make it mainstream is the Web3 gaming platform.In traditional industries, applications such as vapor When epic game It plays a key role in bringing the game to traditional gamers.of average gamer is 35, may be busy with work or other matters. Gaming platforms allow gamers to easily discover new games and revisit old video games.

There are now dozens of blockchain games, each with their own website, social media, and community. The current state of Web3 gamers is that they need to search the blockchain or website separately to learn more about the game. At this time, it is difficult for blockchain gamers to easily search for games.

Game discovery applications make it much easier, even for laymen, to find and decide which games they want to play. As soon as Steam users open the application, they can choose from a large number of games optimized for their taste. It also includes hot upcoming game sales and alerts for your friends’ wishlists. Web3 game applications can learn a lot.

Imagine there are about 3 billion gamers in total. So far, only 3% of them are working on cryptography and blockchain. Despite its popularity, blockchain games have yet to reach at least a portion of the overall gaming population.

Through the game discovery application, both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency gamers simply have access to a one-stop-shop application to search for all their GameFi needs. This concept isn’t exactly revolutionary as it already exists in non-encrypted games.

If things go on like this, it may only be a matter of time before blockchain games become mainstream.

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