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How Hoteliers Can Engage Gen Z Customers with NFT Brand Communities |

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In branded hotel communities, NFT holders present their tokens as a kind of passport for admission to online groups. Accommodation companies can then post special offers, offers, and content to community members.

By Dave Dickson, CEO of PicoNFT – 10.27.2022

Accommodation companies, including full-service hotels, resorts and boutique properties, are committed to providing their guests with engaging, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And pioneering in meeting customers where they are, these properties are using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to attract and engage younger customer segments such as millennials and Gen Z. of Web3 technology.

NFTs (pieces of authenticated content on blockchain) are more than just a buzz-generating tactic, they help hoteliers connect passionate customers with a community of passionate users, offering ongoing rewards, perks and special privileges. so that we can provide Not only can these communities use digital collections and his NFTs to attract new customers, but they also provide the added benefit of providing customers with ongoing engagement, resulting in increased brand loyalty. You can also earn

Deliver rewards to NFT holders

In branded hotel communities, NFT holders present their tokens as a kind of passport for admission to online groups. Accommodation companies can then post special offers, perks, and content to their members of the community, including special events, discount offers, merchandise, and access to behind-the-scenes interviews. In fact, in the above studies, 700 Online Consumers on Web3respondents said that participating in a branded community was among the top three categories of utility they would like to receive from NFTs.

For example, hoteliers can post live streams with travel influencers and make that content available to NFT owners within their community. You can also apply special discounts to repeat guests at hotels and resorts. Alternatively, you can offer exclusive branded merchandise to your group members.

Perks that resonate with NFT community members

In fact, as part of our research, we also showed the types of content that make consumers more likely to participate in these NFT-enabled communities. Members-only discounts ranked high, with her 43.1% of respondents ranking it as the top factor for participation.Ability to access exclusive products [31.5%]receive special product features (e.g. late checkout at hotels) [30.7%]see previews of upcoming new products [24.2%]to display branded content [23.7%] has compiled a top list of NFT community perks that resonate with consumers.

When NFT holders join a branded community, lodging companies can uniquely segment guests based on the NFTs they hold and curate content to specifically engage them. These brand communities not only give customers the opportunity to feel connected to the hotel, they can also broaden the conversation with them and maintain their loyalty to your company. And unlike unmoderated chat channels, you can do this in a brand-safe environment that attracts customers. Best of all, these communities can run alongside your existing loyalty programs, making them lightweight You can attract young customers in a flexible way.

Develop a Web3 strategy in the NFT community

Branded NFT communities offer additional benefits for businesses hosting communities for their Gen Z and millennial customers. Hotels with NFT-enabled communities benefit from:

  • Gated NFT-powered private community accessible via web browser without special hardware
  • A special environment for our most loyal customers
  • A valuable source of advice and feedback from key target segments, such as testing product concepts or soft launching new products or services
  • A place to iterate and learn Web3 technologies to understand how to better communicate and increase engagement with your audience

As Web3 technologies mature, they offer compelling opportunities for travel and hospitality brands to immerse their customers in the experience and engage them in a decentralized way. By launching a branded community powered by NFTs, the hotel will be able to attract Gen Z and millennial customers today while bridging to his full Web3 strategy when the technology (and consumer desires) matures. I can do it.

Dave Dickson Pico NFTis an end-to-end platform for brands to design, forge and engage NFTs. He was previously named one of his top US marketers by the National Association of Advertisers, a trade group representing the world’s most famous brands.

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