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How Ted Cruz Accidentally Got Caught Up in a Publicity Stunt for an Adult-Themed NFT

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Remember That Time Ted Cruz Inadvertently “Like” Adult video tweet?The case was somewhat swept from view when Cruz’s office was condemned Incidents of dishonest staff.But the internet remembers and there’s a reason people are circulating All GIFs From that incident to now.

A Republican senator finds himself involved in adult entertainment again. This time NFT is involved.

It all started with the Yankees game last week. A jumbotron panned to Cruz in the crowd to meet him. with a chorus of boosA visit to the ballpark was featured on his podcast — yes, Ted Cruz has his own podcast called “The Verdict With Ted Cruz” and I listen to it avidly. – and conversation He turned to the scantily clad woman behind him in the game.

Co-host Ben Ferguson, who was not present at the Yankees-Astros matchup, explained that the woman was a hot topic at Cruz Overs during the game. he? ‘”

As for Cruz himself, he explained. “My friend Jeff was leaning over next to me and he leaned over and said, ‘Okay, she’s behind you. She sells NFTs.’ have and sell it. The words of Monty Python“She has a vast land.”

“She was really nice. She and I took a selfie.”

Cruz, once Said His goal in life was to appear in a “teen boob movie”, embarrassing him on camera.

The senator’s comments on the NFT model, many Featured this weekBut who was the mysterious woman? And what is the NFT project she was working on? Some kind of bored monkey thing? Was it World of Women? Was it art?

Some internet research found that the woman’s shirt read ‘NFT Hotel’ or ‘NFT Hotel’. And sure enough, on Instagram she discovered her little-known NFT project called NFTmotel.io.Accounts were ecstatic that their passing models drew attention Pippin DDDhad been received by her proximity to Cruz.

It may seem strange, but NFTmotel.io (besides a really bad idea for a motel)?

After all, it’s a startup that promises to be an NFT-powered version of OnlyFans. “With unprecedented blockchain technology” brag“NFTmotel.io takes Web3 adult entertainment to the next level, allowing customers to experience their favorite stars and models up close and personal like never before.”

this is “pink paper‘ teases something called ‘Project XXX’, mentioning that MOTEL tokens can be used to enter private rooms and ‘peep shows’ online.[b]A number of webcam shows beyond your girlfriend’s “experience” and beyond your imagination. “

“Check it out. It’s entrepreneurship!” Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank said in the NFTmotel pitch on the project’s website.

Oddly enough, the website also features video recommendations from two people. shark tank Judges Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary and For Us By Us businessman Daymond John. In a shout out to NFTmotel, neither man mentioned the adult content portion of his business. Both seem to think they endorse his NFT experience in some way supporting “military families.”

So, in addition to being an adult NFT, Cruz seems to have unwittingly started an affair with a crypto project of at least mildly fraudulent nature.

The irony here comes from the fact that Cruz himself is actually an avid crypto booster.The senator made headlines when he introduced legislation It would limit the federal government’s ability to regulate digital currencies. “I wish I was in Texas of It’s an oasis on earth for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies,” he said. Said Earlier this year.

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