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How to Celebrate the Real Story Behind Halloween with an NFT Drop by Ombruja

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Omburja – Carolina Coto

The Samhain collection by @ombruja and NFT genesis model/actor Carolina Coto will be released October 31st to November 2nd to celebrate the celebration of Halloween and a new spiritual year.

The veil of spirituality is very thin right now for Halloween. People can only buy NFTs for 48 hours. Every time the wheel changes, a new NFT drop will occur. ”

— Carolina Coto

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 29, 2022 /EIN Presswire.com/ — @ disruptive female founder, model/actor Carolina Cotoomburja NFT Genesis pioneers the health and wellness space on web3 with the release of the Samhain collection from October 31st to November 2nd (to celebrate the festivities of Halloween and the new spiritual year). As a model/actor/spiritualist and his wellness pioneer, Ombruja Nifty Gatewayis the world’s most popular NFT marketplace, featuring some of the most popular NFT artists, including record-breaking $69.3 million Beeple, $20 million Fewocious, and successful emerging artist Lucho Poletti. I am hosting. Nifty Gateway is known to be one of the most secure platforms and is perfect for those getting his NFT for the first time as it accepts other payment methods for his NFT such as credit cards.

Samhain celebrates the end of summer and has a spiritual connection with the ritual of Tarot and Oracle card readings. The three goddess animations symbolize her three facets of a woman and are paired with sounds that go along with the mantra of Omburja. The first 25 mints of the Triple Goddess will receive a natal chart reading containing data based on their specific birth time, and the first 25 mints of the clone will receive a Tarot/Oracle card reading. Data-Driven Spirituality is underpinned by astrological data and interpreted based on research in shamanism, mythology, psychology, and application of archetypes.

Bruja coins give their holders access to future drops. His eight elements of the bruja coin represent his eight seasons or cycles of the wheel of time of Wicca, humanity’s oldest spiritual practice, as a way to connect with nature. Bruja awakens during Samhain and drops every time the Wheel changes: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon.

Carolina said, “The veil of spirituality is very thin right now for Halloween. Drops will only be open for 48 hours for people to buy one of the three NFTs. Each time it changes, a new NFT will drop.When the light in the atmosphere, the dimension necessary for soul enlightenment, begins to diminish, Samhain welcomes the darkness.Your NFT is unique to the Nifty Gateway, the Metaverse. is the first god to the Meta Altar, the spiritual altar of

Ombruja is the “om”, the conscious sound of the cosmos, and the Spanish word “bruja”, or witch, the archetype of knowledge and healing. Awakening your magic with spiritual wellness is Omburja’s mission and vision. Share her art and curate art that fits your soul. www.ombruja.com

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More about Carolina:
Carolina is the CEO of @sacredavatars and an ambassador for Costa Rican government brand Esencial. She is the former vice president of New York’s Internet Society and Miss Global’s Beauty Her Queen. She has been on the covers of Health & Fitness Magazine, Revista Ejercicio y Salud, Runner’s World, Revista Perfil, as well as the face of global campaigns for Nike, Adidas, Stella Artois & Warter.org. She has appeared on her award-winning TVC ‘I am’ and is also a model for Macy’s.

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