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If This Happens Soon Then Crypto Prices Could Start to Recover

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crypto price is absolutely beaten thanks to the recent Mismanagement of SBF’s FTX exchange, and an unusual relationship with his hedge fund, Alameda Research. Nonetheless, some still hold out hope that prices will recover if SBF can save the cryptocurrency market by raising the $8 billion it needs to fill the hole.

Can SBF raise $8 billion to help the market recover?

The most important thing SBF can do for the FTX community and the cryptocurrency industry is Raise as much money as possible in the next two weeks: “This is all that matters for the rest of my life,” explains.

But even the man who believes himself to be one of the world’s greatest fundraiser has a lot to ask, and the controversial position he’s currently in has made it even more difficult. It can get difficult.

Most importantly, thanks to SBF’s resignation, he is no longer the CEO of FTX. file bankruptcyTherefore, it cannot have a significant impact on the future of the company. His idea that he might be able to raise such a large sum of money is almost entirely delusional. Even if he was unlikely to go to jail, it would have been very difficult for him to do this.

if someone is looking for a savior criminals and scammersyou’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Dash 2 Trade May Have Helped Market Participants Proactively

Dash 2 Trade is a brand new trading platform We would like to establish ourselves as the “Bloomberg terminal of cryptocurrency” and provide holders with various new features that we have not had before.

Traders using the platform would have been able to prepare in advance for the collapse and would not have had to recover from the impact of FTX. Likewise, it would have made it much easier for traders to take defensive positions. .


TARO is Brand new RobotEra metaverseintended to compete with existing hegemons such as Sandbox and Decentraland.

In this metaverse, users can assume the role of robots, create their own cities and interact with other robots, and earn P2E rewards for participating.

Additionally, you can vote on the future and development of the project through the RobotEra DAO, which aims to decentralize the governance of upcoming projects.

TARO’s pre-sale is currently underway and the token is currently priced at $0.02, but will rise to $0.025 during the next stage of the pre-sale.

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