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If You’re into NFTs, Then Here’s Why You Should Add Silks Avatars to Your Portfolio

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If you’re interested in NFTs, the Silks avatar should be added to your portfolio. Your Silks avatar allows you to participate in the Silks ecosystem. This is a project that reflects the Thoroughbred horse racing industry, which generates $11 billion annually.

Silk combined the real-world derivative of Thoroughbred horses with the Metaverse. This is the first derivatives-based ecosystem that allows NFT holders to earn from the consequences of real-world events. If you own his NFT of the winning horse, you will be rewarded in the Silks Metaverse. However, you must first have one of these silk avatars to participate.

Silks Avatars Endorsed by Bored Ape Yacht Club Owners

Silks Avatars consist of 10,000 NFTs released in two separate batches.

The first batch sold out quickly after top-tier crypto investment firms rushed to buy their collections. The overwhelming demand for the Silks Avatar quickly made it into OpenSea’s top 10 sports NFTs. Nansen.ai has added the Silks avatar to his one of the most respected indices in the NFT space, the Gaming-50 NFT Index.

You can also find some Silks Avatars in the same wallet that holds notable NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club owner and CryptoPunks.

One of the main reasons for Silks’ rapid momentum was the experienced team leading the project. Silks was co-founded by highly successful entrepreneur Troy Levy, owner of Circle 8 Farms and CEO of Tropical Racing, a multifaceted horse racing company specializing in horse breeding.

Additionally, silks CEO Dan Nissanoff is a serial web entrepreneur who co-founded Portero, an online facilitation company. Portero has partnered with leading companies such as eBay that specialize in reselling luxury goods.

With a strong team behind the project, Silks should be a successful and thriving ecosystem.

The final batch is on sale and sells out quickly

The final batch of Silks Avatars has been sold. This will be the last batch in the entire collection of 10,000 with only about 3,000 of his NFTs left.

These Silks Avatars can be purchased for just 0.25 ETH.

Silks Avatars have different attributes with different levels of rarity, giving collectors an opportunity to profit from the NFTs.

Additionally, Silks avatars offer the following benefits:

  • Collect race rewards in Game of Silks.
  • Access the Silks metaverse in style.
  • Owners can forge one of the Silks Horses NFTs – required to start earning in game.
  • Offers owners a lifetime mint pass to the Genesis Earring Sale.
  • Inherit the Sky Falls Genesis parcel claim of land in the Metaverse after 45 days of keeping your avatar in the same wallet.
  • Gain access to exclusive experiences, giveaways, and in-person events.

It also serves as your digital identity in the metaverse. Individual attributes collectively create a “coat of arms” for all other NFT assets you own within the Silks ecosystem. These include silk horses, silk lands, and any silk stables you may own.

Get ready to earn in 2023

Silks is ready to open its doors to the Metaverse in 2023 and be ready to start earning. You can now mine one of the first Silks Horses NFTs if you own one of his Silks avatars.

Silks Horses are direct replicas of real-world Thoroughbred racehorses. About 20,000 yearlings (horses under the age of two) are registered each year and Silks creates these derivatives each year.

Considering the average auction price for these earrings is $60,000, a silk horse can end up being a very valuable asset.

Buy the Silks avatar now

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