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Invest in This Carbon Offsetting Crypto Pathbreaker Before Price Rises

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IMPT is brand new green crypto Focused on offsetting our carbon footprint, we stand at the juncture between the exponentially growing world of cryptocurrencies and the increasingly important world of sustainable green investing.

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Carbon Offset Crypto Continues to Gain Momentum – Nearly $9M Raised

The growth in ESG investment over the past few years has been spectacular, with almost every major company pivoting into their operations to Change in investment attitude.

Companies and funds around the world, often limited by directives, focus more directly on “green” projects, especially those that reduce or offset carbon emissions to protect the environment. are encouraged to invest in projects that

Impact Project is capitalizing on this trend in investing in the ESG space with its native token IMPT, which has so far been very well received in its presale and has now raised around $9 million.

The carbon credit industry is ripe for change

One of the main problems with the current state of the carbon credit industry is the complete lack of focus on individuals.

Rather than trying to reward companies, Reduce carbon emissionsIMPT instead focuses on incentivizing individuals.

The way the IMPT team does this is by rewarding “responsible shoppers” consumers (who shop at companies with high ESG scores) with IMPT as cash back on their spending.

These tokens can be held as an investment, traded, or exchanged for NFTs of carbon credits. The redemption process will include an IMPT burn which makes the token even scarcer.

How high can the price of IMPT go?

Investors and speculators are considering IMPT’s future growth potential and are particularly interested in the project’s potential price target.

Companies like Broadridge Financial Solutions will soon see the industry’s total market capitalization over $30 trillionis clear IMPT has plenty of room to grow.

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