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KPMG appoints Alyse Sue as its first Head of Metaverse Futures

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KPMG has appointed future tech entrepreneur Alyse Sue as the first head of Metaverse Futures, with the goal of creating a multi-million dollar business by 2025.

The appointment marks Sue’s return to the professional services firm after a seven-year hiatus. During that time, she founded multiple tech startups. In his newly created role, he will lead the building of new business models and ventures around emerging metaverse technologies with the goal of building a multi-million dollar business line over the next two years.

“KPMG operates at the forefront of transformative technology and offers a unique approach to growth and innovation, so we are excited to join KPMG,” said Sue.

KPMG’s futures business is focused on incubating and building new ventures from within companies with the goal of accelerating outcomes for companies and their customers. “I’ve spent the last seven years building ventures and this is what I love to do.”

Sue hails from software development and innovation consultancy Palo IT where she was a software engineer and head of Web3 for the past three and a half years. In addition to her jam-packed schedule of future tech jobs, Su recently co-founded her two Web3-related ventures, including Transhuman Coin. Transhuman Coin is a decentralized financial project that invests in and supports new technologies that enhance humans.

Prior to that, he spent three and a half years as part of KPMG’s management consulting and innovation team, the latter as a senior consultant advising high-growth technology startups on strategy and capital raising.Sue arrived at the company after several research analyst internships Bain & Company, Ernst & Young When Deloitte.

In her new role as Director and Head of Metaverse Futures, she will report directly to James Mabot, who leads KPMG’s Futures practice.

“The number of customer inquiries is increasing year by year. Using the metaverse and web3, and I am thrilled to appoint Alice to this pivotal role for the company,” Mabot said. “We are always looking at how we can leverage the company’s deep competence with new technologies and Alyse is looking forward to helping us test and develop her models and applications for new businesses powered by technology that will enable the Metaverse. will do.”

Surprisingly, Sue will be working with her husband, Peter Zing, director of KPMG and leader in digital and data solutions. He co-founded Transhuman Her Coin with Sue and, according to an interview with Forbes, also applied for a role in the newly created Metaverse. As a member of her Emerging Technologies leadership team at KPMG for the past six years, Xing has worked in areas such as artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and Web3.

According to recent research, the metaverse market could grow to be worth up to $13 trillion globally. “The need for, and the impetus for, mainstream adoption is the intersection of the acceleration of metaverse technology and growing consumer demand for more immersive experiences. We didn’t evolve to use 2D screens, we as humans want an immersive experience.”

Earlier this year, consulting firm rival Accenture launched a global practice Metaverse only.

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