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 Latest Touch Up in SHIB Metaverse 

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  • New details of the SHIB metaverse.
  • What is a “sand dune”?
  • How is it different from the previous one?

All new concepts on the Metaverse will be launched in the crypto industry. The visionary team at SHIB Metaverse are working on a SHIB-based futuristic virtual universe. As the popularity of this meme coin grows, so does its variety of wits.

Advance concept

The completely new art concept declared by SHIB Metaverse as a new hub is “Dunes”. A metaverse is created with the help of The Third Floor Visualization Studio.

From the user’s point of view, the team pursues the vision of creating an engaging, fun and exciting virtual environment where they can earn passive income or explore and collect in-game resources. is also helpful. It also enables users to create and develop their own projects.

This is not the main art concept project associated with. metaverse it will start. Previously an initiative to create a Zen-like universe with peaceful meditation, spiritual aura and natural beauty, he founded WAGMI Temple. We have partnered with The Third Inc., a virtual reality company. Inspired by Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi, etc.

The Rocket Pond and Canyon projects are examples of previous implementations, depicted in black and white, conveying ideas and opinions to represent the role of new crypto user hubs in the metaverse.

Working with The Third Floor (TTF) studio, SHIB developers have previously declared the first concept Rocket Pond. The team said – “Rocket is phallic and means exploration, discovery, journey, science and/or technology.”

This includes a sensation of being protected in the sand and a stunning exterior made up of shimmering skyscrapers that give the feeling of living inside a haven after overcoming obstacles. Inspired by different kinds of oases, mirages, Egyptian pyramids, Dubai skyscrapers, the Sahara desert and more.

The team behind the first crypto meme coin metaverse “Black and white sketches and concept artwork contain strong, physical and powerful possibilities, especially in abstract artwork. Among architectural inspiration designs taken from many places .”

The Dune Hub (land in the Metaverse reserved for purchasers or unlocked for free at launch) represents an art concept showing a space filled with mounds of sand with an oasis around them.

Real estate platform adopts Shib

Pacaso and Condos.com, two emerging consumer real estate brands, have started accepting Shib Inu (SHIB) payments via BitPay.

In total, Crypto SHIB has 100,595 parcels of land. metaverseA total of 36,431 digital lands have been unlocked in April 2022. This was the start date of the introduction phase of the metaverse.

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