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Lawyers Are Now Dropping NFTs to Serve Court Orders – Trustnodes

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The old dusty wigs that roamed the stuffy Prime Minister’s Office are still playing with most of the new ones.

“The order was delivered at a digital wallet provider and ‘airdropped’ into the wallet via NFT. This is his third service method used in the world.

Within weeks, the client received 100% of their BTC. Combined with costs, this represents a recovery of £1.85m. “

yes To tell HCR Law Firm solicitor Stephen Murray explained the somewhat typical court proceedings for freezing assets, after which in this case the stolen/fraudulent coins ended up with Huobi.

By law, the defendant must be served by the plaintiff. That is, the defendant, in this case the thief, must be told by the claimant whose coins were stolen that he is filing a freezing injunction. fair trial.

It is usually done by mailing a paper document to the defendant’s address. You can also send email these days, but people generally don’t see email as often as they do, so you may need permission (with good reason) to only send email. It often happens.

In this case, they also had an email, but they may not actually have an email, just a blockchain address.

This is the case of LCX AG v. John Doe Nos. 1-25, No. 154644/2022 (NY Sup. Ct. June 2, 2022), the oldest case allowed to be serviced by an NFT, and this In the case they had nothing else in the defendant by hacking, in this case another thief, so it was only by NFT.

Court Order Served Through NFT, June 2022

yes this No colorful jpegs here, no dancing monkeys, no court documents we thought we’d found, so it’s probably our first impression of Kryptonian.

But it is of course an NFT, a unique token, a whole gray, boring and dull lawyer-like NFT.

In addition, court documents are JPEGs and can be read, but this NFT is normal web page Where all documentation can be found.

It’s not clear that if we hadn’t known we were looking at a court-ordered NFT and had actually received this out of the blue, we could have made a lot of sense about what it was. I can’t say for sure, but I may have dismissed it as some kind of spam or weird nonsense.

So if you do this, do something that the NFT image actually shows something beyond the general term NFT, and that this is a serious issue that concerns us in particular, a matter for the courts. I would have wanted to make sure that is clear. , so you have to click the link. Or, preferably, you should google the party dealing with us and get enough information to establish the credibility and credibility of the issue.

Even if I had arrived at this link through the direction of an actual attorney, I would have had to think twice before clicking on this link until the plaintiff gave it the right level of justification.

In short, we are both impressed and disappointed. I was impressed because it’s pretty cool for lawyers to drop NFTs and work, but I wasn’t too impressed with the way it was done. It shows that they are lawyers and inexperienced with technology.

But this is a trivial question, as jpegs can be added to this very easily, and the more relevant question is whether the defendant will see this.

In these proven hacking and theft cases where there is material evidence no one really cares, but when this comes into use there is naturally a lot of controversy about wanting the defendant to see it. There may be more cases with room. Ordering when he finally finds out increases costs and wastes time.

What’s interesting here is that we can see how well the addresses are checking for NFTs. If the address is blank in OpenSea, you’re just wasting your time, but he could still get into his NFT, so if there’s no other way to communicate, send it rather than send nothing Better.

However, given the global and mobile nature of cryptocurrencies, NFTs could be the quickest way to reach them if their OpenSea is very active.

In that case, the strength of this method is that the judge himself can go to the address and see the NFT, thus proving the service in a way that leaves no doubt.

For mail, certification by a human and usually an expert on it is required, but humans, professional or not, can lie or make mistakes if the defendant challenges the service. Therefore, it becomes complicated.

There’s no room for lying here, but whether or not the defendant actually saw it is another thing, at least balance it out and prove if they traded the NFT after you sent it It’s the only way. Check out the new NFTs and see what you sent.

In this particular case of the first forensic service NFT, there is no reasonable way to reasonably guess whether the defendant has seen it because the NFT is the blank address involved.

However, his assets have been frozen and returned to their rightful owners, so presumably he knows what happened. Even in this case it’s better than nothing because it can get into NFTs., see this court order for example.

All these are very interesting developments as NFTs now have a new dimension as a communication medium.

On the other hand, the pseudo-anonymous nature can make spamming very easy. So please do not actually use the link, especially if the court order itself could be an NFT.

However, as a first attempt, the legal system clearly shows that cryptocurrencies can be relied upon, especially in cases of theft, where the law still applies. We have a third party who can fulfill the order.

This includes the Circle of Tether. Assets in USDc or USDt are therefore under centralized control and can be transferred just as a bank can be ordered to transfer them.

It also includes exchanges and other centralized controllers. All of these are traditional databases like banks rather than blockchains, so they can satisfy court orders on ownership.

The legal system itself has also shown room for adaptation, with two courts in the UK and one in New York so far allowing such services.

And if cryptography in general and ethereum more specifically is involved, this development shows that a more reputable law firm needs to start developing some kind of eth address reputation. There is a possibility that Linking from their official site – we’re linking here that this address belongs to us – so if they sent anything through it, it came from an actual law firm can prove that

All of this means that you should get Ethereum, especially if you serve clients in this space, which in itself could drive more Ethereum adoption.

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