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Learn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto community

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Cryptocurrency is all about community, and the market exists because a small group of individuals believed in decentralized technology. The user leaves the project as it is. This is evident from all her DeFi projects making Ethereum as it is, and of course Bitcoin.

What brings people together to support a project is the real value and usefulness it provides. Whether a project is 10 years old or very new, when a project offers a strong use case, individuals band together to support it.

One project shows others in the market how to do it. lucky phiThe project takes a unique approach to Web3 marketing and its features bring benefits in a way that encourages all stakeholders to help each other.

How LuckyFi Captivates People

Before finding out how LuckyFi is changing the Web3 landscape, it’s important to know what LuckyFi is. essentially, lucky phi is a Web3 marketing platform that provides stakeholders with a fair and transparent set of activity tools. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, it uses Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to authenticate winners in prize pools and raffles. LuckyFi has been audited by both her InterFi audits given the SAFU badge and has also undergone her KYC audit by Coinscope.

A Web3 platform needs real value to attract users. LuckyFi has a lot to offer. For one, users can harvest his high-value NFTs and tokens at bargain prices. On the developer side, this can be used to maximize user participation in activities. This benefits everyone and does not require a lot of funds or resources to join the platform.

The activity itself is related to prize pools and raffles that require an entry ticket for users to participate. Tickets are affordable, so there is no barrier to entry for smallholders, with each ticket priced at his 0.05 BNB. Prizes can take the form of either tokens or his NFTs.

LuckyFi also hosts a $100,000 prize pool, which is currently the largest prize in the cryptocurrency industry. The chances of winning this prize are 1 in 10,000 and the contest ends in approximately 50 days. Each entry ticket is worth 0.05 BNB and the ticket amount varies depending on the specific pool.

A strong community draw is the fact that LuckyFi uses Chainlink’s VRF. This ensures fair random selection of winners and all selections are verifiable on the chain. Users know they are at some fair. The transparency and fairness offered by VRF, coupled with the low barriers to entry into the pool, will lead to a platform that attracts a large number of users.

LuckyFi offers the option to create both paid and free raffles.

LUCK, the platform’s native token, is used to pay the cost of creating activities that can take many forms. To create an activity, a project or community pays her LUCK and sets parameters such as minimum participation amount and number of participants for each user. Creators can not only promote their activities, but also earn profits from creating them. However, if you just want to market your project, you can create a free activity to maximize your exposure.

Participating in free activities has certain requirements, such as holding the required tokens, joining the Discord, and following the project on Twitter. Once these requirements are met, users can participate for free and win their allotted prizes. LuckyFi is a very flexible platform, which opens up marketing possibilities for both pre-launch and post-launch projects, making them highly optional when it comes to creating activities.

The free raffle has some conditions for participation.

The LUCK token will play a role in one of LuckyFi’s biggest USPs when it comes to building a large crypto community. This is one of the biggest prizes in the crypto market. The total supply is 1 million. 30% is Fair Launch Token Saleis scheduled for November 1.

LuckyFi is all ready to explode

Undoubtedly, it is the community that determines the success of the project. The team must build a platform that attracts users and benefits all stakeholders. LuckyFi does just that and seems to grow exponentially with its own marketing tools. In the near future, you may find yourself taking advantage of what the Web3 platform has to offer to grow your community.

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