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Lil Durk fuses music & gaming with upcoming GTA-based NFT drop

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Rapper partners with Exceed for upcoming IPO music

Lil Durk has partnered with Exceed Talent Capital, the top platform where people can buy SEC-approved talent stock, to offer an IPO for his next song “Bedtime” featuring Doody Lo. This partnership gives fans the opportunity to participate in royalty income from their songs.

To commemorate this partnership, Lil Durk and Exceed announced theTrench All Access PassThis gives you exclusive access to a private Grand Theft Auto roleplay server custom built by Lil Durk and his OTF Gaming company. With a waiting list of over 15,000 people, access to Trenches servers is highly coveted and hard to come by. However, Exceed’s pre-sale grants instant lifetime access, limited-edition in-game wearables, and gives owners first-hand shares in the upcoming music IPO. .

Exceeds core mission is to “enable artists to IPO their work so that fans can literally be their partners,” said Anthony Martini, President of Exceeds. “We believe this will drive the highest levels of engagement and win on all fronts.”

“We are from where we come from and very few people own anything,” adds Dirk. “As The Voice of the Trenches and for my label OTF, I am always looking for ways to expand and give back to people. We can share our success together.”

Since its release last month, Lil Durk’s gaming initiative has served as a space for players to promote their music and interact with each other and their favorite artists through server radio broadcasts. The after-sales experience becomes an even more intimate space.

The “Trenches All-Access Pass” could technically be considered an NFT, but Exceed takes a unique approach to web3. Lil Durk, along with his Zephyr, co-founder of OTF Gaming and former FaZe Clan member, is looking forward to future releases and the potential for further growth of the platform.

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