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Listerine enters metaverse with comedy-themed campaign to fight off bad breath

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Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health embraces the Metaverse with game-themed activations of the LISTERINE® antiseptic mouthwash brand created by Wunderman Thompson Brazil.

Launched across Brazil and running for a month, the campaign features a game called “Breathcalypse” that simulates real life. This online and open-world game takes place in his Complexo city within the Metaverse, where people create their own characters, live in communities, and interact with each other.

In the game, the player is awakened by green smoke coming out of his mouth. This smoke represents bad breath. Players who are around people with bad breath experience a gradual increase in stress levels, blurred vision, and a halitosis apocalypse. You can prevent bad breath by searching and using it.

LISTERINE® not only utilized innovative technologies such as the Metaverse, but also brought a novel element to the launch of the campaign. This includes his in-game comedy show featuring Brazilian actor and comedian Fábio Porchat, his LISTERINE® brand ambassador. The comedy show was only available on launch day (October 25th) to all players in town on that day. Those who succeeded in preventing bad breath that day could watch Fabio Polchato’s comedy show. The show featured skits created to communicate the messages of key brands and categories within the region.

At the same time that Listerine® was found to be the solution to “Breathcalypse,” a message was sent to all players in the city explaining the cause of the problem. This message was sent in a playful way in text/video format for the Metaverse and city newspapers.

To generate anticipation ahead of the campaign’s launch, the comedy show was promoted on in-game billboards, and Pochat released a teaser video of creating his own avatar.

Sabrina Tichauer

“There’s nothing better than this space to communicate with your audience in a modern and disruptive way.” Said Sabrina Tichauer, Marketing Director, Oral Hygiene Brands, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Brazil.We want to spread the word about LISTERINE® and participate in the gamer community ecosystem. We also want to extend our reach to consumers who are not on these platforms. ‘ she added

Keka Morel
Keka Morel

Keka Morelle, CCO, Wunderman Thompson Brazil Said: “We strive every day to help our clients inspire their consumers in creative and innovative ways, and BreathCalypse was no exception. But I also wanted to change the dynamic and asked myself, “What if one day everyone wakes up with bad breath?” Breath Calips! That’s all. An action that can only be performed in the metaverse. No zombies, aliens or killer robots to worry about in a game that simulates real life. The only thing to worry about is bad breath. ”

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