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Making future bets on Shopify, Wealthsimple & the metaverse

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Come on podcast, Tobi.

our last case Monthly AMA episode was about reacting to the latest tech news, this episode of the BetaKit podcast (where we answer questions from our listeners) is about future technology predictions.

“If Canadian VCs weren’t allowed to speak to journalists anonymously, they wouldn’t say anything.”

That’s not to say the news hasn’t gone unreported.For example, meta stock tank This week comes after a weak fourth quarter outlook and missing third quarter earnings.the drop was part of brutal week For big tech in general, Meta is currently the only company investing $10 billion a year in the metaverse. ridiculed openly for it by other tech leaders.

All of this prompts discussion on Meta’s outlook for the metaverse, VR, and the metaverse as a whole, which we’ll cover in our podcast. who coined the term.

Meta isn’t the only tech company to report earnings this week. bounce back quarter For Shopify. I don’t get that impression from Shopify employees themselves. Commonly reported features It shows the conditions under which the company’s stock price falls 75% from last year’s high.

But Shopify employees are currently Tweet finished thatCanada’s apparent tall poppy syndrome (I May More on that later), CEO created this gem.

Tobi, as a podcast builder, I couldn’t agree more. Join the BetaKit Podcast to discuss why you think Shopify will be better than cryptocurrencies in the next five years. It should not be considered financial advice, or really advice of any kind.)

Speaking of financial advice, Rob and I were tasked with predicting whether WealthSimple would become a bank.this is worn groundand prompts the opposite question: Does Wealthsimple need a banking license to build a better bank? Product roadmap It shows the benefits of staying on the right side of regulators. Hmm.

ok i have one big Tech news clearly missing in this week’s episode featuring the richest man in the world and my favorite social network.See, we I talked about this before And there is no profit to be made from it.But if you want to give a stronger indication of how I feel, please note that it may not be entirely a coincidence that I live-streamed this episode on LinkedIn (you can see hereUnfortunately, the community for business professionals doesn’t seem to allow embedding of videos).

Let’s dig in.


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The BetaKit Podcast is hosted by Douglas Soltys and Rob Kenedi. Edited by Katie Lauer.Feature image provided collision.

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