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McCain Foods enters the metaverse – Ledger Insights

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McCain Foodsthe company behind the famous McCain fries, today metaverse Through its latest product, Regen Fries. The launch is part of the #SaveOurSoil campaign, an initiative aimed at educating and engaging McCain’s young audience about the benefits of regenerative farming through collaboration with his Metaverse platform. robloxan NFT-themed restaurant, bored & hungry.

The use of regenerative agriculture in Regen Fries potato production is part of McCain’s global commitment to implement regenerative agriculture across its potato acreage by the end of 2030.

“We believe regenerative agriculture is essential to making the world food system more sustainable. No,” said Christine Kalvenes, McCain’s global head of innovation and marketing. “We want to work with farmers and consumers to enable and accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture.”

McCain’s Farms of the Future free-to-play game, available worldwide today on Roblox’s Livetopia, rewards consumers for using regenerative farming techniques to virtually grow potatoes and applying regenerative practices can be obtained. Additionally, Bored & Hungry restaurants will be offering his Regen Fries in October and November at its flagship store in Long Beach, Calif., as well as pop-up stores in London and Toronto.

“The collaboration between Regen Fries, the Farms of the Future game, and Bored & Hungry is an experiential, fun and effective way to start this discussion,” said Kalvenes. “As we move towards 2030, #SaveOurSoil is an important way to help build communities and raise awareness around the world why we are so committed to a sustainable agricultural future. It is an effort.”

brand that incorporates metaverse There is also an increase in NFTs as part of marketing strategies. This year, Mars’ her M&Ms partnered with Universal Music’s Bored Ape NFT band. kingship sell limited edition M&M packs sold, Unilever’s three brands Decentraland MetaverseRaise, PepsiCo’s potato chip brand, is a non-fungible token (NFTs) projects in partnership with digital asset platforms project arc in Romania.

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