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MegaToken (HPW) Announces Lifetime Electricity tokenization for Bitcoin Mining

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Megatoken (HPW) has announced that it has begun tokenizing electricity using the processing power of the Bitcoin network.

LONDON, UK, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Megatoken (HPW) has announced that it has begun tokenizing electricity using the processing power of the Bitcoin network. With MegaToken, you can now mine Bitcoin by staking your tokens without worrying about infrastructure, maintenance, renewals, etc. Based on network issues and the latest changes in total hash rate, the Bitcoin network’s next halving will be March 21, 2024. In this event, the reward for mining each Bitcoin block will be reduced from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. By examining the history of Bitcoin halving updates, we can predict an increase in demand for mining. To ensure equal access for everyone, decentralize mining centers and maximize profitability, MegaToken has started tokenizing electricity using the processing power of the Bitcoin network.

mega token Tokenized 100 megawatts of power equipped with miners for mining bitcoins. A total of 100 million tokens were created, each token equaling 1 watt of power. Once the required power is provided, the tokens will gradually be released, and no token will run out of power. Each token allows users to mine Bitcoin for a lifetime without worrying about maintenance.

As technology grows, minor devices are updated and replaced by new devices. Each token is equivalent to a certain amount of watts of power, giving users access to increased mining capacity and power over time. Rest assured that completely green power is used in this project. Considering power generation costs, government regulations, and human resources as his three key indicators of profitability in the mining industry, MegaToken has set up bitcoin mining farms in most regions. Places in the world suitable for maximizing mining profits.

At MegaToken, mined bitcoins are credited daily to user accounts, from which users can easily withdraw.

Entering the Bitcoin mining field with Megatoken

As the demand for Bitcoin mining increases before the 2024 halving, cloud mining plans will likely face either exhausted sales capacity or poor cost-effectiveness of mining for service providers, based on previous halving data. It will be closed depending on In other words, it is more profitable for a company to mine in-house than to sell its mining capacity. By purchasing Mega Tokens, you can immediately enter the world of Bitcoin mining. Unlike cloud services that offer long-term plans where users lose the initial activation cost, MegaToken allows users to sell their tokens in addition to using bitcoin mining plans of 90-, 180-, and 360-day durations. can. You can either take a profit, recover all or part of your initial cost, or resume staking and continue mining with any available plan.

Mined Bitcoins are credited to user accounts daily and can be withdrawn once the minimum amount of 0.001 BTC is reached. Once this threshold is crossed, daily withdrawals are possible.

processing power

Considering the technology and processing power of existing miners, every 50 Megatokens has the equivalent of 1 terahash/second (Th/s). In other words, each MegaToken provides a hash rate of 0.02 Th/s. Unlike traditional plans, this project will provide the opportunity to purchase tokens equivalent to the electricity required for mining, rather than processing power. As such, as technology advances and mining devices increase in processing power over the next few years, the processing power of each token will increase.

Purpose of the MegaToken project

When Bitcoin was first introduced, the general public knew very little about it due to its novelty. Getting started mining Bitcoin required a high degree of technical knowledge and was often seen as a risky investment due to its unfamiliar nature. Mining remains challenging due to the cost of Bitcoin, local government regulations, and the time and energy required to run a Bitcoin farm. MegaToken intends to make mining accessible to everyone in the world, giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the mining phenomenon. For this purpose:

  • 100 megawatts of green power and the equipment needed to create a Bitcoin farm and mining are being considered.
  • We aim to be listed on the top 10 exchanges in the cryptocurrency world, such as Binance and Coinbase.
  • Have an average equipment energy efficiency of 0.03 Th/s per token.

1 minute to Bitcoin mining!

The MegaToken project is currently in the early offering or ICO stage.anyone immediately create an account Connect your Metamask wallet on the project’s main website and instantly buy MegaTokens using BNB or BUSD. By staking tokens, users become miners in no time!

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or an endorsement of security or other products or services. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

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