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MegaToken Runs Token Sale on P2B

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Disclaimer: The text below is a press release, Cryptonews.com Edit content.

of token sale session MegaToken has already launched on P2PB2B exchanges.

Tokens can be purchased until December 8, 2022, along with participating in the project’s community. Following the token sale, it will be listed on a P2PB2B exchange. In the meantime, there is a short description of the project.

MegaToken: what is it?

mega token It was developed to provide the general public with easy access to cryptocurrency mining. Through Megatokens, anyone gets lifetime ownership of a specific capacity of available electricity and access to support, maintenance and upgrades for the equipment needed to mine Bitcoin. All of this is done through green energy solutions.

MegaToken has tokenized 100 megawatts of power equipped with miners for mining bitcoins. A total of 100 million tokens will be issued, each token equaling 1 Watt of power. Once the required power is provided, the tokens will gradually be released, and no token will run out of power. Each token allows users to mine Bitcoin for a lifetime without worrying about maintenance.

As technology grows, minor devices are updated and replaced by new devices. Each token is equivalent to a certain amount of watts of power, giving users access to increased mining capacity and power over time. Rest assured that completely green power is used in this project. Considering power generation costs, government regulations, and human resources as his three key indicators of profitability in the mining industry, MegaToken has set up Bitcoin mining farms in most regions. Places in the world suitable for maximizing mining profits.

At MegaToken, real mined Bitcoins are credited daily to users’ accounts from which they can easily withdraw.

Objectives of the MegaToken project:

MegaToken intends to make mining accessible to everyone in the world, giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the mining phenomenon. For this purpose:

  • 100 megawatts of green power and the equipment needed to create a Bitcoin farm and mining are being considered.
  • We aim to be listed on the top 10 exchanges in the cryptocurrency world, such as Binance and Coinbase.
  • Have an average equipment energy efficiency of 0.03 TH/S per token.

participate HPW Token Sale Join now! Also, don’t forget to follow the project on social media.

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