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Meta Bounty Hunters: First NFT Community to Track and Reward NFT Holders

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Only a few years ago, NFTs were only seen by collectors and speculators. However, in the last two years, non-fungible tokens have become at least the mainstream phenomenon heard by the world if they have not participated in this rapidly emerging innovation. The most familiar and already understood demographics of the concepts behind NFT are art collectors, investors, entrepreneurs, and generations in the digital age. That generation, in addition to other add-ons, has already participated in the purchase of in-game skins and remains unaware that they have entered this early market. NFTs have a wide range of usefulness, from the digital reliability of artwork, membership, and most importantly, to the intrinsic reduction of counterparty risk. In a market dedicated to NFTs only, the evolution of digital, including the Metaverse and NFTs, is becoming a reality. One day, real estate contracts, driver’s licenses, event tickets, etc. become part of our daily lives, so we don’t even realize that we are an NFT holder. Meta Bounty Hunter, A collection of 8,888 NFTs with a mission to protect and take over the Metaverse and everything that exists within it. Designed by veteran master comics and Game of Thrones illustrator Mike Miller, the project has been a hot topic in the industry. Meta Bounty Hunters has two industry-first ways to give back to the community: direct reflection and affiliate reflection. The latter reflects their contribution to the growth and conservation of the galaxy. Just to host a meta-bounty hunter, the founders share direct remorse with their owners from their administrative defi protocol, and even those who share missions with others through their affiliate reflection referrals. I vowed to reward you. The founder’s goal is to ensure that revenue from mint is developed in a way that directly benefits the community. Last but not least, the founders wanted to make sure they set up a “Do Good Fund” to have an equally positive impact on planets and galaxies. Several times a year, the community meets to get the opportunity to vote on which “doing good” actions will take place.

Hunter tokens that maximize uniqueness are due to 235 traits distributed in 14 categories. The random distribution of traits makes each NFT a creatively designed and unique avatar. Upgraded hunters will be airdropped to existing token holders as design teams become available to update the appearance and functionality of each avatar. As this niche market is growing and evolving, meta bounty hunters seem to have their place in the stone carved Metaverse. It’s no wonder that the MetaBounty Hunters project sold out all 8,888 NFTs within the first month of a sharp rise in secondary market minimum rates. This is happening in the background of most other projects that are feeling the impact of the slowing crypto market cycle. The Meta Bounty Hunters NFT project sets the industry standard by incorporating the idea of ​​selling out in just four months and completely in just 30 days. The future looks bright and right as meta-bounty hunters roam and protect the NFT galaxy. The project is still far from complete, but it has already made the galaxy and the Metaverse a more beautiful place for the inhabitants. Follow their socializing and join the Discord community to stay up to date on the future of the project.

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