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Metaclassn launches “Next-Generation Knowledge-Sharing Metaverse”, mining officially opens for WKT (World Knowledge Tokens)

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NEW YORK, NY, Oct. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — California-based Metaclassn has officially announced the global launch of its knowledge-sharing platform in the Metaverse. A user can exchange his USDT through virtual classes or paid social networking features to generate income and earn WKT rewards.

Metaclassn is an easy-to-use video telephony app integrated with Web 3.0 technology that boosts income for educators and knowledge sharers around the world.

At the same time, WKT will officially start pre-mining on the Metaclassn app until March 1, 2023. After the pre-mining period ends, WKT will be listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges and pre-mining participants will have the opportunity to create cryptocurrencies. big return. The WKT economy features an immutable exponential scaling. The cost of mining WKT will grow exponentially, eventually exceeding USD 10,000 per token.

Metaclassn aims to create the world’s largest video chat software using Web 3.0 within 3 years and will use a minimum of 80% of all profits to buy back WKT, which is expected to exceed $500 million I promise. Therefore, the Metaclassn team predicts that an early participant in pre-mining can earn more than 1,000 times her earnings.

Metaclassn strives to transform knowledge dissemination through Web 3.0 technologies by creating a Metaverse platform of intrinsic value. The Metaclassn team hopes that the integration of cryptocurrency, decentralization, video calling and VR technology will revolutionize the video calling and social networking market, allowing all users to turn knowledge into wealth.

Metaclassn specializes in 1:1 interactive video calls and conference calls for up to 10 people. Metaclassn, along with his unique Bill-by-the-Minute technology, significantly increases income for professional educators and knowledge sharers, while significantly reducing tuition fees for learners. The company hopes this innovative business model will create an unprecedented knowledge-sharing platform and disrupt the Metaverse market space.

The highly experienced team behind Metaclassn has eight years of experience in web technology entrepreneurship and previously held key positions in numerous information technology companies. The team believes that knowledge sharing creates value for society, and an optimized knowledge sharing platform integrated with decentralization enables all professionals (teachers, doctors, lawyers, coaches, consultants, etc.) to share their knowledge. , can create more value and generate more income.

Metaclassn strives to create a decentralized and equal opportunity platform for all constructive users to have ownership. In this way, Metaclassn has designed a brand new business model that is simple and efficient to build a sustainable Metaverse platform that truly creates value for society.

Tokens belonging to the Metaclassn team will be locked for 100 months. The team is committed to the motto “Transforming the world by creating value” and is dedicated to creating sustainable metaverse projects that generate incredible returns.

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