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‘Metaverse’ in the running for Oxford’s Word of the Year 2022

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Oxford Dictionary word of the year open to public vote for the first time – Photo: Shutterstock

Metaverse is one of three terms that can be voted for Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year after Facebook rebrands to Meta (meta) last year.

For the first time in history, Oxford Languages ​​opened its Word of the Year competition to the public. This gives people all over the world a say in the final process.

The company’s team of lexicographers has narrowed down the three most influential words for 2022.Users can choose their favorites by polling Oxford Languages website.

Regarding the impact of this year’s metaverse, the website says: October 2022 compared to the same period last year. “

Two other terms that compete with the metaverse are “Goblin Mode” and “#IStandWith”.

Overwhelming Year of the Metaverse

Facebook made headlines when it changed its name to Meta in October 2021. This reflects the company’s view that the Metaverse is essential to the future of the Internet.

Metaz (META) stock chart

As a result, the existing metaverse became popular alongside native cryptocurrencies. Platforms including Decentraland (mana) and sandbox (sand) set a new all-time high for its token in November 2021.

But virtual worlds couldn’t seem to capitalize on this excitement in 2022. While cryptocurrencies faced overwhelming bear pressure, the actual metaverse platform was criticized for its low user count.

Meanwhile, newly rebranded Meta faced its own set of problems.the tech giant teased online after CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his avatar from Meta’s virtual platform.

The post was criticized for its simplistic graphics, with some questioning the billions of dollars invested in Meta’s virtual reality.

Most recently, Meta announced that it would lay off 13% of its workforce and leave over 11,000 employees.

Metaverse competition

There are two other words vying for the annual title of the Oxford Dictionary. #IStandWith, a term popularized through social media, “recognizes the activism and division that has characterized this year.”

Examples listed in the dictionary include the war in Ukraine and the Depp v. Hurd case.

Goblin Mode, on the other hand, is “another relatively new concept” and the use of that term dates back to 2009.

popular words last year

While vax was Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2021, Collins has opted for a more blockchain-themed term.

It gave the non-fungible token an annual title (NFTs), which surged in popularity that year.Tokens with record-breaking price tokenized artwork and game utility contribute to his NFT’s #1 status

collins dictionary Said“Whether or not NFTs will have a lasting impact remains to be determined, but their sudden appearance in conversations around the world has made the word very clear this year.”

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