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Miami Art Week Live Blog Day 4: The Gateway and Beyond

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i was here After five days chock-full of the insider’s Web3 knowledge and the best the NFT art community has to offer, he Gateway: Web3 Metropolis marks the last day of planned programmingWorking with Mana Common and MoonPay, nft is now working hard to deliver an experience that will help bring as much value to attendees over the five-day run. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

But don’t worry. Her Web3 faithful who made the pilgrimage to Miami for Art Basel Miami 2022 still have a lot of work to do.

The final day of programming at Gateway 2022 will include a talk advocating for artists in the field, led by Betty of Deadfellaz. A panel on the emerging literary NFT space featuring Sasha Stiles and Ana Maria Caballero. An open forum on the state of Web3 marketing featuring Swan Sit, Avery Akkineni, Amanda Cassatt, and Jennifer Styles. An in-depth look at the future of luxury on Web3, led by Gmoney and Chris Coleman. And cap things off with an open conversation featuring some of the biggest creators in the NFT space. Leading the final panel for Gateway 2022 are Roger Dickerman, Sam Sprat, Blake Kathryn and Raf Grassetti.

A quick recap of how Friday ended at Miami Art Week: ethereum co-founder Joseph Rubin As part of The Gateway’s Friday show, I joined a fireside chat about the broader future of NFTs and the far-reaching implications of FTX’s demise with Matt Medved, now co-founder of nft. Various community leaders such as OneOf’s Lin Dai, Shira Lazar, and BLOND:ISH also took the stage at the ensuing panel to talk about the depth of the community that currently exists on Web3.

On another panel, nft now co-founders Matt Medved and Alejandro Navia also joined in an open conversation with the former. time Keith Grossman President Unique charm of Web3 Budding media companies and established media companies alike.

So, with yesterday firmly in the rearview mirror, what’s dominating the headlines at Miami Art Week on Saturday?

A new digital art collection called “The Duchess Gallery” will be showcased at Nifty Gateway in late December and will have its first exhibition at Art Basel Miami. Curated by Sarah, Duchess of York, the gallery presents a joint exhibition by some of Web3’s iconic artists. artificial intelligence art, new media, and special effects. Together they create a new form of storytelling in a stunning work of cinematic art.

“As technology evolves, traditional aesthetics can find new life in this modern viral world. press release“We are delighted to be working with established artists, and we are delighted to be able to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming artists from around the world and broaden our passion for storytelling through art.”

As a unique opportunity for artists to revisit the classics in the contemporary art world, The Duchess’s Gallery is a tribute to the Pre-Rahael movement in nineteenth-century British visual arts, heavily influenced by John Ruskin and John Keats. Similar. In addition to French counterparts such as the poet Charles Baudelaire. By using new technologies to enhance digital culture, the evolution of literature and the visual arts will go hand in hand rather than against the best of traditional aesthetics.

Literature comes to life on Web3

When people think of NFTs, they usually think of PFP images. However, NFTs can be used to store (and provide proof of ownership) any physical or digital item.at a panel discussion at gatewayco-founder of Sasha Stiles and Ana María Caballero theVERSEVersejoined moderator Matt Medved to discuss ways to defuse this myth and enable poets and literary people to use NFTS.

Through their conversation, Stiles and Caballero highlighted the ways blockchain technology can help. paradigm shift By helping creators reimagine how their poetry can be experienced. And by changing the way these works are experienced, blockchain and NFTs will ultimately give art a new dimension and meaning. said the two.

To highlight how this works, Stiles and Caballero spoke about their work on theVERSEverse.

Through the company, Styles and Caballero said: Onboard a poet to Web3 They combine their work with crypto-native artists to create unique poetic works of art, utilizing a variety of mediums and art forms. They are also working to elevate the text-based artists already working in the NFT space. Stiles and Caballero said the work moves poetry off the page, brings it to life in new ways, and appeals to a wider audience, one that may be interested in collecting and owning poetry. I’m here.

In this regard, Stiles said the VERSEverse (and blockchain in general) empowers poets creatively and economically. It “pulls poetry from the pages of a book. New Yorker, Only a handful of people will read it, and people can carry it around in their phones,” she said.

Piggybacking on these statements, Caballero said NFTs are enabling many poets to become financially independent for the first time in their lives. “Even if the book sells, she sells for $14. That could represent years of work,” she lamented, but it’s not surprising that this is changing with her Web3. I noticed it right away. “What we’re doing here is that poetry has value.”

A celebration of women in generative NFT art kicks off

The group show, which will spotlight 23 generative artists who identify as women, will also talk about the artists’ unique perspectives on NFT spaces and generative art at Miami Art Week 2022 on Saturday. increase. Femgen, which is the latest in cultural developments on the direction of Web3 representation.When OpenAI chatbot Although public testing has recently begun, it is clear that AI will continue to be of particular importance in the emerging field, playing a key role in equal representation and digital identity.

The show’s series of scheduled panel headlines will include appearances from Art Blocks founder Snowfro, IX Shells, Sasha Stiles, Sofia Crespo, and more, and will run from noon until 7:00 p.m. ET. Artists on these lists, with the exception of Snowfro, lead group shows with their own take on generative art.

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