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Mighty Jaxx Further Builds out its MightyVerse, Developing First Metaverse Experience Alongside Sideshow and other Global Players

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Mighty Jacks, the award-winning future culture company that designs and manufactures the Phygital collection, has announced the Spooky Season experience. MightyVerse Presents: Spooky Season (“Spooky Season”) Enhanced Brand Experience Begins October 28th and Runs in Sandbox through November 11th, Prelude to Full Experience Launching December 2022 Works as a song. sideshow court of the dead and Mighty Jacks Original IP Creepy Cuties Return to life in the Metaverse and offer a unique experience for horror (and casual) fans.

spooky season Mighty Jaxx’s first adventure into the Metaverse, partnering with global toy giant Sideshow Collectibles for a free-to-play Metaverse experience powered by Metaverse platform The Sandbox. Along with Mighty Jaxx’s original IP spooky cutiesa key highlight of the virtual space featuring exclusive experiences at Sideshow’s court of the dead A place for fans to dance together deathOne of the main characters of IP.

The best experience and partnership between Mighty Jaxx and Sideshow Collectibles will create opportunities for Collectibles fans to come together on various platforms, and their collective vision to enable community growth across multiple fandoms. Emphasize strategic focus. Their unified commitment to building a true hybrid “phygital” product via a platform approach sets the stage for future partnerships and launches where the complete experiential journey for all fans is reimagined, and that create stronger value for them.

Hosted in The Sandbox’s Mighty Lab, this new social hub showcases Mighty Jaxx’s ability to deliver themed experiences in the metaverse. In keeping with the innovations of Mighty Jaxx and its core plan of community building around its Mightyverse, the digital space unites a larger community when one collectible enthusiast plays and shares their passion for art. At the same time, it paves the way for Mighty Jaxx to continue to provide collectible and novel experiences for fans.

“There is no denying that the future of collectibles will be digital. Most fandoms are already spending a lot of time in virtual worlds, and through MightyVerse, our own technology-enabled platform for collectibles, we are giving fans an unparalleled We know it offers an opportunity to deliver an experience unlike any other,” said Darryl Tan, Head of Mighty Meta for Mighty Jaxx.

“It is important that we do more than simply recreate the reality of our fans in virtual worlds. Spooky Season, the pilot’s MightyVerse initiative, is one of many exciting experiences in store for fans and modern digital collectors as the MightyVerse platform continues to grow and enhance existing and new IP. Department.”

To guide the players, Mighty Jaxx hired CHXMP, the first employee in the Metaverse. CHXMP will be the host of spooky season It is the starting point for all players entering Mighty Jaxx’s MightyVerse and will help guide players through all future MightyVerse experiences.

In the Halloween special, CHXMP will also be accompanied by Creepy Cuties, their own horror icons inspired by the totem of Mighty Jax, inspired by classic mythological characters such as Krampus, Chupacabra, Slit Mouth Lady and Hungry Ghost. To do. For Mighty Jaxx’s Upcoming Creepy Cuties Crossover Series, Using DGPals’ Interoperable Multi-Game, Multi-Genre Platform, Mighty Jaxx Leverages Various IPs To Create True Phygital Experiences For Fans further enhance the method.

of spooky season Anyone can participate in the experience for free.Players must download to play sandbox game maker Access the game from the Featured Experiences gallery. Players delve into and explore a spooky and twisted mystery world, solve puzzles, and immerse themselves in a shared multiplayer world to complete in-game quests.

If you missed the first two weeks, you can still enjoy the full experience, scheduled to release in December 2022. Players can expect access to exclusive hidden experiences, discounts on wearable purchases, and whitelisting for future drops. , more.

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