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MINTangible takes on NFT intellectual property chaos with the introduction of a revolutionary NFT IP Rights Solution

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4 Easy Steps for Brands and Creators to Use MINTangible to Create NFTs with Intellectual Property Rights and Protection

Richmond, Virginia, January 12, 2023–(business wire)–MINTtangibleis a leading company specializing in intellectual property and rights management for Web3. A breakthrough blockchain solution It allows brands and creators to digitally bind IP licensing and royalty terms to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As NFT Lawsuits and IP Disputes Continue to Headline News, MINTangible Offers a Reliable Solution for NFT Creators Looking to Protect Their IP While Maximizing the Potential of Their Creative Work in the Growing NFT Market To do.

The Nomad Blvd NFT Collection successfully adopted MINTangible to protect the intellectual property rights of the artists and owners involved in the project. “MINTangible products are easy to use. Over 3000 NFTs certified and protected with clear and understandable rights and termssaid Nomad founder Andy Thoe.

Built from the ground up using state-of-the-art Web3 technology, MINTangible is a user-friendly solution to generate protocol-driven IP rights structures and bind them digitally to NFTs. Each NFT receives a certificate and a public rights registration list for easy verification of rights information.

“MINTangible’s mission is not only to solve the problems plaguing the industry, but to empower the Web3 creator economy and set a high standard of trust, value and transparency for NFTs.” Amily McDanielan IP attorney became the founder and CEO of MINTangible.

Digital rights pioneer McDaniel recognized early on the need for an innovative legal infrastructure to transform blockchain tokens into legally sound and transparent assets. Developed by experts in intellectual property law, licensing and blockchain technology, his MINTangible is revolutionizing the way intellectual property and rights are monetized on the blockchain.

“MINTangible solves a pressing problem in the NFT market and enables a way to establish a sustainable Web3 property,” says customer David Blutenthal, a fan-built NFT around the iconic band Phish. He claims to be the founder of the club, Phanft.

MINTangible’s advisory board includes renowned IP attorneys James Gatto, Irene Lee, and Mike Kasdan, all recognized for their expertise. Gatto was named a Blockchain Pioneer by the National Law Journal, Lee was named California’s Leading IP Lawyer by his LA Business Journal, and Kasdan was named the World’s Leading IP Strategist by his IAM.

MINTangible’s solution is available now in our existing NFT collection and for a limited time we are offering a free IP evaluation of NFTs.visit https://mintangible.io And follow MINTangible twitter @mintangible_io and link in.

About MINTangible

MINTangible is a leading Web3 company focused on bringing trusted intellectual property and rights management solutions to the industry, with a mission to increase the trust, transparency and value of legitimate NFTs.

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