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Music and NFT: top crypto projects taking the music industry into web3.0

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There are hundreds of NFT collections out there. However, it has little utility outside of the collector market. In this article, we will discuss the top three projects that leverage blockchain’s transparent and decentralized composition to create value in the music industry.

Cocky — an NFT that delivers an unparalleled music experience

Saucy One of the most exciting crypto projects the music industry has been waiting for. NFT Lifestyle Club has already gained a large following community thanks to its unique value proposition.

Initiated by Parasol Group, the project grants exclusive access to world-class music events through Cocky NFT. The goal is to provide a real-world experience that money can’t buy, but with a focus on electronic music, only ownership can buy.

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Cocky hosts two to three in-person events per year as well as virtual events that are published as live streams. Virtual events are held more frequently due to their larger capacity. In-person events are characterized by unconventional locations. The themes draw inspiration from the landscape, history and culture of each location to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Speaking of NFTs, Cocky Cans have 51 skin variations and 3 lids. The three colors on the lid represent his three-tier reward system in the ecosystem. Depending on the lid color, Cocky events unlock a wide range of perks, including:

  • Transportation expenses subsidized
  • hotel
  • additional invites
  • bar tab
  • Limited goods, etc.

Those lucky enough to pick up a black can of Cocky are permanently eligible for perks at Cocky’s events.

  • Business class flight to the event
  • plus two invitation
  • Stay at a luxury resort
  • Meet and greet with the artist
  • All access passes at events and more.

Additionally, 3 randomly selected tins of cookies will be blacked out prior to the event and owners will be eligible for exclusive benefits. As Cocky Can NFT holders participate in more events, the NFT will mutate, increasing its rarity and value.Cocky is one of them The coolest NFT collection to buy in 2022.

The Cocky Can NFT launch is scheduled for Q4 2022, with the first Cocky holder event and live stream scheduled for Q1 2023. NFTs are cheap Buy early.

It’s important to note that NFT does not guarantee a spot at every event as Cocky’s in-person events have limited capacity. However, all Cocky holders can register their interest in the event. If attendees are unable to attend, tickets can be sold on Cocky’s bespoke secondary market, accessible only to Cocky token holders.

Audius — Best Web3 Music Streaming Service

Audius has maintained a strong position as the premier Web3 music streaming service since its launch.Fully controlled by artists and token holders, the platform has decentralized the music industry for the next generation internet

The goal of this project is to help artists gain better insight into their music consumption and better manage their distribution. Artists appearing on the Audius charts will be awarded $AUDIO tokens.

Audius recently acquired SoundstageFM and is committed to providing fans and artists with virtual concerts and new digital experiences.

Catalogs — Empowering Music Artists and Art

No catalog required. In early 2021 he entered the NFT space and since then has revolutionized the music industry by giving more power to his independent artists. Catalog’s main goal is to create direct access between artists and fans.

Catalog is currently one of the best marketplaces designed for audio NFTs. Artists get 100% of the sales and get a share of all resales. You can set the right rates without having to negotiate with publishers or pay agents overpayments.

Additionally, the artist does not have to give up their copyright in the process. Fans, on the other hand, are guaranteed to buy directly from the actual artist, not the person who stole the track. increase.

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