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myNFT to Unveil Physical NFT Vending Machine in London

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Key highlights:

  • multi-chain NFT marketplace myNFT has announced plans to unveil Europe’s first physical NFT vending machine at NFT.London next month.
  • myNFT will distribute the proceeds of the extraordinary NFT sale to prominent charities.

Multi-chain NFT Marketplace myNFT today announced its physical exhibition Non-Fungible Token (NFT) A vending machine scheduled for the first meeting of NFT.London, November 2-4. With this, the platform will announce its services at his NFT.London, his top annual Web3 event.

myNFT is a low-cost NFT marketplace based in London that aims to make the tech sector easier to access. While in the beta testing phase, myNFT is working to give people the opportunity to buy and trade digital assets without needing to be familiar with the Web3 industry.

Currently, myNFT offers customers the ability to buy and sell NFTs on Ethereum, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain networks via its platform.

myNFT debuts Europe’s first physical NFT vending machine

To make the NFT space easily accessible to non-experts, myNFT decided to launch a physical NFT vending machine. A physical NFT vending machine provides a user with a means to purchase her NFTs without a digital wallet, making NFT purchases hassle-free.

Essentially, the machine acts as an offline infrastructure, repeating an innovative approach to NFT delivery. Testimony on NFT vending machines has revealed that they may offer users wholly owned and decentralized items. Some of them include food and drink items that are not yet traded on myNFT.

myNFT NFT vending machine

myNFT makes it possible to purchase NFTs on physical NFT machines.

To purchase NFTs using myNFT’s physical vending machines, users simply select one of the displayed envelopes, enter the code provided, and trade NFTs. The user can then make a minimum payment of £10 via Apple Pay, Google Pay or any possible alternative payment method.

So now you can open the envelope and scan the QR code. This will give you an automatic invitation to set up a free myNFT account with an NFT wallet, where you can receive NFTs worth up to £1,000.

According to the announcement, myNFT’s novel vending machines seem to reflect the platform’s simplicity and commitment to creating a fun and engaging process for buying and selling NFTs.

myNFT distributes proceeds to charity

myNFT will provide exclusive access to the first NFT collection as the vending machines are available to everyone attending the NFT.London event, not just ticket holders. Even passers-by can take advantage of the machine by purchasing up to 5 of her NFTs. This is a restriction to ensure that the machine can be used by anyone who wants it.

That’s why it tends to record massive sales following the simple approach the platform proposed to launch its first NFT collection. Designed to feature unique tokens created by leading digital brands.

Nevertheless, the platform has further revealed that it will distribute all proceeds from this anomalous NFT sale to reputable charities. It includes Giveth, a crypto-friendly foundation to fund. Also, Roald Dahl’s Marvelous Children’s Charity supports special nurses for critically ill children.

Hugo McDonaugh, co-founder of myNFT, commented on the announcement, sharing myNFT’s vision and NFT spaceHere are his comments:

“There is so much potential in the NFT market that we don’t want some of it wasted when a variety of unnecessary and complicated barriers delay potential new entrants from participating. It’s very disappointing to see. Great opportunities such as gas bills, gatekeeping knowledge and complex digital wallet setups are being denied and wasted on newcomers.”

McDonaugh added, “We are determined to make NFTs a daily activity for everyone and break away from the current faction.” “The best way for the sector to grow is through public engagement and we intend to achieve that only by breaking down barriers. It’s a fun and quirky way to show it.”

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