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MySocialVerse integrates Blockchain Technology and

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LONDON, UK, 27 October 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The need to reward and empower users of social media platforms while providing security and control over their personal data My Social Bath social media concept and blockchain Create a decentralized platform that gives users autonomy and regains self-management/self-ownership of their content and data.

The platform offers users, business entities, and blockchain developers various utilities such as:

1. passive income provided to platform users;

2. Users retain control of their data through decentralized means.

3. Increase revenue generation for developers and product sales for advertisers.

of My Social Bath The Platform strives to develop features that allow users to monetize their social media activities. Given the decentralized nature of the platform, users have full ownership and control over their identities, data, and other intellectual property. As such, users can tailor the content they receive via the platform to their specific passions and interests. Users can choose the advertisers with whom they wish to share their data for commercial purposes. We then receive payments directly from advertisers in the form of MySocialVerse’s native tokens.

Advertisers enjoy mutual benefits as users engaged with their content align closely with their target audience, thereby increasing the potential for sales generation. , provides the opportunity to acquire tradable tokens simply by creating them. My Social Bath.

Additionally, the platform offers traders an opportunity for developers to monetize their work. Developers can conceptualize, design, develop and seamlessly deploy a variety of digital applications, games and spaces on MySocialVerse.

Additionally, MySocialVerse’s native tokens are denoted as “MSV” and are then distributed to users, contributors, and developers. MSV tokens are tradeable on major decentralized and centralized exchanges, providing a direct liquidity route to other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. To ensure that the anti-inflation/anti-deflation properties are maintained, a portion of the tokens generated in every transaction on the network is burned, permanently removing the tokens from circulation.

Regarding tokennomics, the transaction fee charged for trading or transferring MSV tokens is 5%, 1% will be used to fund marketing activities, 1% will go towards the liquidity pool and 3% will go towards BUSD rewards. be directed. As a result, MySocialVerse restores the control that all users have over their data, allowing related revenue generation to remain with their rightful owners.

About MySocialVerse

The newly established crypto platform combines blockchain technology and social media concepts. Through the company’s cyclical model, a symbiotic relationship is created between users and advertisers, both of whom benefit financially from using the platform’s capabilities.

In addition to financial features, the platform further provides the user interface, security standards, and promotion of a friendly user environment required of a social media platform.

For more information, please refer to the following link.

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