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Nairobi-based FinTech Mara Launches African Crypto Wallet Service

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A new crypto project called Mara has been introduced into the African crypto ecosystem. The project is backed by Coinbase Ventures, his Alameda Research affiliated with FTX, Huobi Ventures, and other prominent venture capital firms and angel investors in the industry.

Mara is a digital finance ecosystem project that seems to have just started with the launch of a cryptocurrency wallet for users who have signed up in Nigeria.

Raised $23 million in funding, Mara already has over 3 million users on the waiting list, the majority of whom are Nigerian. As the wallet app progresses, the entire product is said to be rolled out to other countries, including Ghana and Kenya.

According to co-founder and CEO Chi Nnadi, Mara is clearly built for the African crypto market through its remittance service, offering a broader range of financial products that set it apart from other global brokerages and exchanges. I have the idea of ​​providing

The Mara wallet provides services such as cryptocurrency brokerage services that allow users to buy, sell, transfer and withdraw. Legal tender and crypto. It also provides users with a UK entity with access to dollars, pounds and euros that can be used to buy and sell crypto.

In addition, the wallet app will include educational resources on cryptocurrency and personal financial management that users can always access.

A non-profit foundation called the Mara Foundation, partnered with USD Coin issuer Circle, will also be launched with a wallet app to foster the growth of blockchain development in Africa.

Mara aims to use this non-profit foundation to train 1 million developers on the continent. Additionally, she releases an education community that provides free resources on financial literacy, cryptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain education in multiple languages.

The project also aims to launch its own Layer 1 blockchain solution called Mara Chain by the end of 2022. This blockchain will include native tokens to enable developers to build decentralized applications.

Mara isn’t the only one to launch a product to drive crypto adoption on the continent. The Central African Republic (CAR) also recently launched its own service. national crypto hubcoral.

Project Sango is designed to unlock the potential of blockchain technology in many ways. It aims to attract businesses to the country as it seeks to re-establish economic boom and global connections.

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