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Neorbit Financial Ecosystem, A Linking Bridge Between Multiple Blockchains

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Neorbit is a well-respected company that offers attractive features such as staking along with channels that enable smooth passage of smartchain-based tokens from one blockchain to another.


Internet, Web 3.0, and cryptocurrency adoption are on the rise. Increasing implementation of this technology requires much more innovation to satisfy the general public. A myriad of companies have emerged claiming to revolutionize the crypto sector with their innovation, but none have succeeded in ensuring the satisfaction of traders, users and investors. We are not here for you, we are the ultimate company. Instead, it is here to communicate and speak through its actions.

A brief introduction to Neorbit

A successful transaction is highly dependent on the existence of multiple selling points. The same applies to stocks and cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders who want to transfer ownership from one blockchain to another for sale purposes are usually limited by the lack of a linking bridge. Neorbit was conceived with this obstacle facing traders in mind.

Neorbit can best be described as a decentralized Binance Smart Chain Web 3.0 mobile wallet. Simply put, it is an app that allows you to securely store, send and receive smart chain-based tokens. The company has partnered with a number of blockchain wallets and cryptocurrencies that have signed contracts to authorize the trading and holding of tokens.

The facilities offered by the company are created taking into account the needs and demands of the users. Neorbit understands that the implementation of technology is directly related to the ease of use of that technology. Therefore, the app is designed to give users a sublime experience.

Neorbit Ecosystem

The company’s most prominent feature is the Neorbit Wallet mobile app, which allows individuals to store, send and receive, as well as allow all transactions of digital assets, not just cryptocurrencies and bitcoins.

The company has launched NeorbitSwap, which serves as the company’s official token. NeorbitSwap is a multi-utility token used for governance, snooping, paying transaction fees, and securing entry into the NeorbitSwap launch pool.

One of the most popular facilities, staking, is offered by the company. In staking, individuals lock their holdings for a specific period of time and receive rewards from the company. Neorbit provides users with staking opportunities. Within the mobile wallet he can stake NeorbitSwap tokens and earn rewards that are credited directly to the user’s wallet.


In blockchain, users form the government. This means that any new addition to the company’s core principles must be incorporated into the network in the form of code. This inclusion can only take place if a majority of users vote in favor of the change. Token holders therefore constitute the government. As with any blockchain, Neorbit token holders have the power to influence decisions and voice their opinions on important issues such as new projects, proposals, and changes to the government itself.


Neorbit aims to improvise inter-chain and multi-chain compatibility through the creation of an ideal token wallet. The company wants to design a friendly user interface for its app wallet. It aims to create a gateway to provide the public with unhindered access to decentralized finance.


Neorbit envisions a world powered by blockchain technology. To this end, we laid the foundation for mobile wallets, embedding blockchain technology into one of the most used machines of all mankind. There are many reasons why the company would like to see blockchain technology in the future. The advent of blockchain technology has reduced the need for intermediaries and ruined financial monopolies. Additionally, it helps protect client data by eliminating the need to verify identity.

In addition, potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to learn more about Neorbit, the project Official website,or white paper.

About Neobit

Neorbit is an idiosyncratic project that is taking hold. This project is perfect in all the features it has to offer and is so compatible with other blockchains that it tends to be disguised among them.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. We recommend that you exercise due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing in or trading in securities or cryptocurrencies.

CONTACT: Aditya Edwin Brilliansyah Neorbit Contact at neorbit.net

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