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New month, new crypto market moves?

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It seems like just yesterday we started the new year, but as we enter February, everything seems to be (for once) relaxing a bit in the crypto world.

The Last Month Was Full Of Crypto Companies dismissal of staff, development existing surroundings new Chapter 11 The Bankruptcy of the Universe, partnership A conversation about possible recovery in 2023.

Despite the industry being flooded with bad news, some cryptocurrencies recorded a bull run in January amid market turmoil.

Bitcoin Up 40% in a month, ether It rose by about 32% over the same period. Solana also recovered significantly from around $10 at the beginning of the year, close to minimum After February 2021, up 146% to around $24.30 by the end of January, CoinMarketCap data Indicated.

These market moves could inspire more retail and institutional investors alike to dive in.

web3 of the week

Did You Lose Your Cryptocurrency During Your Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing? You Probably Didn’t Get It Back (TC+)

With Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings underway with several high-profile cryptocurrency companies, those who have lost money are sure to want all, or at least some, of their money back. The house shared its thoughts with TechCrunch on what these cases mean for creditors, and what happens to people who see their money disappear overnight.

Last year saw a surge in VC funding to black web3 founders, bucking the trend (TC+)

Black people who have invested in crypto have been hit unfairly hard in the recent crypto winter, but many Black founders and investors we spoke to believe the sector’s potential for communities and society at large. Optimistic about sex. If anything, they told TechCrunch they needed an economic adjustment last year. Her Simone Berry, co-founder of People of Crypto, said: “It was not sustainable and needed an economic fix.

Solare Partners with Premier League on NFT Fantasy Football Game

French startup Sorare has signed a four-year licensing partnership with the Premier League. The deal is an important move for the company as the English football league is one of the world’s most watched sports leagues. For sports fans who don’t particularly enjoy soccer (or soccer as Europeans call it), Solare has teamed with the NBA and MLB over the past few months.

Bitcoin-Based App Strike Expands in Philippines to Expand Cross-Border Payment Solutions

Strike, a Bitcoin-based payment network and financial app, is expanding to the Philippines to grow the cross-border payments and remittances market. Besides the Philippines, Strike also plans to expand further in Latin America and Africa due to “huge demand”, CEO Jack Mallers said. In general, the company’s partnerships and announcements show its focus on growing the remittance market through applications and other alternatives like Clover.

Enterprise blockchain adoption could grow as hybrid use cases evolve (TC+)

According to Daniela Barbosa, executive director of the Hyperledger Foundation, while the cryptocurrency market remains volatile, enterprise blockchain adoption continues to grow as businesses find new use cases for the technology. She shared that one of the biggest demands in the last two years has been for “hybrid use cases,” and that the technology will serve small businesses as well as large enterprises.

latest pod

ICYMI: last week episode, Jacklin spoke with Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of layer-1 blockchain Aptos, a three-time founder with over a decade of experience in financial services, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. is. He has also worked on blockchain strategic partnerships with Facebook wallet He Novi and was also the strategy director at ConsenSys.

“When I think about Aptos, I am convinced that people need new ways to share information digitally, and we need to be able to share that information and its economic value digitally in a more efficient and fair way. I did,” said Shaikh. during a podcast. “That is our mission.”

Last year was a big year for Aptos as the blockchain went public amid a bear market and raised around $400 million in funding. The new Layer 1 was backed by major investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Circle Ventures and his now-defunct FTX Ventures. According to CoinMarketCap, his APT for its token rose 380% in January despite the market falling. data.

Looking forward to 2023, Aptos plans to make it the “year of intentions,” Sheikh said. “I think this year will be an exciting year for the industry as a whole.”

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follow the money

  1. Lead by Haun Ventures Sovereign Labs’ $7.4 Million Seed Round Helping blockchain scale

  2. Crypto security startup Hypernative raises $9 million To prevent Web3 cyberattacks

  3. block joy Raises $12 million Helps reduce operating costs for businesses that operate blockchain nodes

  4. Web3 marketing startup addressable Raised $7.5 million in seed round

  5. everscale Raises $5 million to help scale blockchain

This list is compiled with information from Messari and TechCrunch’s own reports.

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