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NFT Love: Photographer Simone’s Cannabis Creations

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Simone, who prefers the single name Monica, is now a happy man. The Rome-born, Barcelona-based photographer has focused on cannabis since 2017, culminating in the launch of his gallery online in June 2022.

Ten years ago, Simone began her career in the film industry. At first he was in demand as a VTR operator (in charge of recording equipment) and then as his digital imaging technician for European hits. Sole A Catinelle, Perfetti Sconosciuti, I Medici more. As his “Terpshotz project” gained momentum, the idea of ​​combining two of his great loves, cannabis and photography, intensified. Never satisfied with convention or expectations, Simone creates cannabis photographs that are sold as canvas. He says his extensive background and expertise in digital art inspired him to launch this compelling visual collection.

Headquartered in Barcelona, ​​pine resin

When the Instagram username predictably caught up with the affable photographer, @terpshotz“I started working in the film industry in 2012 and have since merged this art with one of my greatest passions, cannabis.” ‘ says Simone. “So, it was in 2017, when I was living in Rome, that the Terbshots project started to take shape. I photographed some homegrown flowers. The rest, well, you know.

I told him I found it interesting that he chose to move to Barcelona to continue his work, rather than being perceived as a European cannabis haven like Amsterdam or Berlin, for example.

“Barcelona is an open-minded city,” he says. “This project will allow everyone involved in the world of cannabis to open their doors to artists and professionals without thieves and negative people getting in the way. It was a place that embodied the place where the words “seek for the world and try to make a difference in the world” take root. ”

Pancake Gak x Runtz bred by Grounded Genetics

Keeping up with a passionate Lensman is a feat in itself, as he speaks clearly and moves fluidly from topic to topic. “We aim to build a successful brand for the world,” he said.

Firmly rooted in the world of Web 3.0, the Terpshotz brand is Simone’s vehicle for change, acting as a global cannabis ambassador.

“I want to build a community around cannabis culture through photography, to show the world how great and underrated flower cannabis is,” he says. “You can’t do less than that.”

I wonder out loud how conscious Simone was about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) at the start of the project, and how NFTs are impacting the project now. “We’re all about NFTs, are you kidding?” he says excitedly. “The difference lies in the connection between digital photography and traditional photography, which adds value to every owner. ) and it will be shipped directly to the owner’s mansion by my team,” he says with a laugh.

He continues, clearly energized by the topic at hand. “One of the ways that distinguishes our experience in the cannabis space from his other NFTs is that he chose the Ethereum blockchain to host the Terpshotz NFT,” he says. “There are two main reasons for doing this: At the moment, it is to reach as many viewers as possible of my artwork, who are viewing mainstream photography on inferior blockchains. It is to protect my customers in relation to the security of smart contracts that are granted only by.No other blockchain can offer this.This is a big problem.”

La Calada Freshly Squeezed Rosin

Finally, Simone revealed that while he is very happy to be in Barcelona at the moment, he is also excited to talk to the US-based media company. I am a fan of white and blue.

“My biggest professional inspiration in the cannabis industry came from America,” he says, a smile washing over his face. I learned a lot there, and most Americans I meet share the same passion as me, and a passion for cannabis.

I told you that the man was happy.

This story was originally printing plate of cannabis today.

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