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NFT ticketing marketplace strikes partnership with Elrow Dubai

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The NFT Event Ticket Marketplace has partnered with leading electronic music brands.

Seatlab NFT Our goal is to help artists develop closer relationships with their fans, but to eliminate fraud and reduce the impact of scalping.

NFT Ticketing and Experiences Platform has partnered with Elrow Dubai to become the exclusive VIP ticketing provider. This means that all VIP tickets will be issued as NFTs, and will also offer digital collectibles, airdrop rewards, and on-site gamified interactive blockchain installations. Elrow is known for its carnival and circus-themed events, which feature audience interaction and immersion.

Seatlab NFT told Cointelegraph that Elrow Dubai shares its vision and philosophy, especially when it comes to taking live events to the next level.

In a particularly compelling development, Elrow Dubai will be offering Proof of Attendance NFTs to VIPs via the SeatlabNFT platform. A powerful way to commemorate a special event and allow the owner to proudly declare “I was there”. It’s also a 21st-century reimagining of memorabilia — immortalized forever on the blockchain.

The 8,000-capacity Elrow XXL festival in Dubai will take place in February 2023, with VIP tickets sold exclusively through SeatlabNFT from 2nd November 2022. an event of this magnitude.Read the full announcement here.

how it all works

After taking the art world by storm, the music industry is shaping up to be the next destination for non-fungible tokens to have real impact. But of course, all of this must be accomplished with mass adoption in mind. It should also be intuitive and easy for anyone to work with the technology, regardless of whether they are familiar with it.

For this reason, SeatlabNFT’s app acts as a hub where tickets are stored. Additionally, built-in camera functionality allows festival attendees to interact with exciting onsite elements and unlock exclusive rewards. This streamlines the onboarding process while removing some of the complexity associated with Web3.

Commenting on the Elrow Dubai partnership, SeatlabNFT CEO Ryan Kenny said:

“This demonstrates the technology’s ability to not only use NFTs to buy tickets for big events, but to give fans real value and improve their connection with the events they attend. It’s the moment.”

The Elrow Dubai event is scheduled to take place in February 2023 and will introduce NFT to thousands of fans for the first time.

Further Insights from SeatlabNFT here

make noise

Exclusive for Seatlab NFT app has been published on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. That means it’s available to millions of event attendees around the world.

Other recent partnerships include working with Lost Village Festival to create a limited edition NFT membership card, giving owners access to immersive audiovisual festival experiences.

The SeatlabNFT team also organized a freshman party tour of seven UK universities. DJs included Clean Bandit, LF System, R3WIRE and Hardy Caprio.

Looking ahead, SeatlabNFT will introduce self-service onboarding and reveal even more headline-grabbing partnerships with world-renowned artists and brands. This comes with a marketplace dedicated to secondary sales and a dashboard that allows the event organizer to see all his sales data in one place.

For event organizers fascinated by the benefits that digital collectibles bring to their events, the arrival of SeatlabNFT will be a treat to their ears.

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