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NFTs Reinvent Trick or Treating this Halloween

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metapep labs launched Cogito Mortis by Tap Tap Kaboom (Image credit: Rich Armstrong)

An NFT treat from metapep labs' Spooktacular NFT Battle Royale featuring a candy corn worth 10 points in the game

A Treat NFT (Credit: metapep labs)

Game piece NFT Spooktacular NFT Battle Royale from metapep labs has a Halloween themed design featuring a pumpkin trick or treat basket and a spider web.

Gamepiece NFT (Courtesy metapep labs)

Web3 agency metapep labs created an NFT trick or treat experience for adults using prizes from top Avalanche Blockchain artists, including Tap Tap Kaboom.

[Tap Tap Kaboom] He perfectly combines talent, iconic style, and boundless imagination to draw people deeper into the world he creates. “

— Candice Jarrett, co-founder of MetaPep Labs

United States, October 27, 2022 /EIN Presswire.com/ — metapep labs launched a Halloween event this week Sputacular NFT Battle Royaleis a week-long competition that harnesses the power of web3 to reinvent the concept of trick-or-treating. To kick off this initiative, metapep teamed up with acclaimed NFT artist Tap Tap Kaboom (Rich Armstrong).

Tap Tap Kaboom’s latest collection, Cogito Mortis, is launching as the first component of metapep labs’ virtual Trick or Treat, featuring NFT prizes including MadSkullz, Monkeez, Acid Cats, MooBeanz, and the Grand Prize – Only One -Tap A sort of Doodleverse special by Tap Kaboom himself.

Cogito Mortis is a Stealth Mint coordinated by the team at Metapep Labs and launched in a weekly Twitter space called #MicroMintMonday ( @CandiceJarrett). The collection was a closely guarded secret and was opened to the public only shortly before the opening of the Mint. Despite this, it was only his 52 works of art that were contested by people around the world. This built-in his audience is also thanks to his stellar reputation, with Metapep Labs selling out more than 22 of his collections in the first quarter.

“Tap Tap Kaboom is a well-known artist in the AVAX NFT ecosystem,” said Candice Jarrett, co-founder of metapep lab. “He has the perfect combination of talent, iconic style and boundless imagination that draws people deeply into the world he creates. We are looking forward to future collaborations.”

In fact, Opensea tweeted about Tap Tap Kaboom earlier this month, citing an “amazing collection” they hoped would be on the platform.

“When coordinating our trick-or-treating experience, we didn’t want the competition to affect secondary sales of such valuable artwork,” said co-founder of metapep labs. Chris Fushiro explained. “We have devised a way to include a soulbound external game piece NFT, which means that it cannot be removed from the player’s wallet until the end of the game. After hours he said anyone who had a Cogito Mortis NFT was eligible to claim a free game piece.”

If you didn’t get any of these NFTS, you can craft your game pieces at battle.metapep.com starting Wednesday, October 26th. External game pieces also had additional benefits. The Tap Tap Kaboom collection only has 52 pieces, allowing more players to join in with another game piece that serves as an entry into the NFT Battle Royale.

“There are three NFT components that people need to play with,” Jarrett says. “Game pieces, treats and tricks. Treats add points to your wallet. Tricks are NFTs you send to other players to reduce points. Whoever wins wins!”

Scoreboards are available at battle.metapep.com to track your progress and see how you stack up against your fellow competitors. The game will end on his Halloween on October 31, 2022 at 10:00 PM ET with a Halloween NFT collection by artist Hexxed by Zarda coming soon.

When: By October 31, 2022

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