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NFTz Connects Social Media To NFT Collectible Rewards

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Claiming NFTs



NFTZ present

NFTZ present

Airdrops are popular within the NFT space and I think this new feature of NFTZ will allow creators to take something back with airdrops. ”

— Martijn van Halen, CTO of NFTZ.

Fort Myers, FL, USA, November 16, 2022 /EIN Presswire.com/ — NFTZ announces innovative new ways to blend social media and NFT collectibles, giving creators additional tools to gain and build a social presence within the Web2 and Web3 environment.

This week, NFTZ introduced the ability to quickly create “claim actions” for multi-serial NFTs created on the DeSo blockchain. Now, with the click of a few buttons, the creator can create multiple editions of her NFTs, both on Web3 (DeSo) and traditional her Web2 platforms like Twitter. Dozens of free NFT giveaways of him have already been created and can be found here. https://nftz.me/claimnfts.

NFTZ Inc. CEO Ed Krassenstein explains: NFTs are distributed free of charge and the creator can attach secondary sales royalties to these his NFTs. So every time an NFT is resold, the creators will also get income,” he continued.

At launch, NFTZ will allow creators to like, diamond, repost, follow DeSo accounts, and/or retweet specific posts on the Deso blockchain in order to claim free NFTs. contains the functionality you require. More options for creators are already in development as NFTZ seeks to bridge the gap between Web2 social and Web3 social. Such options may in the future require users to subscribe to certain content or own certain other NFTs of her before being able to claim free digital assets. there is.

With this news, NFTZ has also launched a special free NFT collaboration series with various DeSo NFT projects. kraut punk NFT series. This series will feature 15 different tiered collections over the next few months. Those who manage to collect more than one of her NFTs across the collection are eligible for prizes up to $2,500.

As mentioned above, each new NFT released will have three layers. Bronze (250 to 1000 editions) Silver (10 editions) and Gold (1 edition). The weekly Bronze NFTs are distributed for free using NFTZ’s new “Claim Action” technology. Silver NFTs will be randomly airdropped to those with a Bronze NFT, and Gold NFTs will be auctioned off every weekend. Learn more about this $2,500 NFT giveaway for him here. https://nftz.me/actions/psycho-cyborgs/cloutpunk

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