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Nifter™ Will Launch Its NFT Marketplace During Art Basel Miami Expo.

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Beverly Hills, CA–()– ClickStream Corp. (OTC PINK: CLIS), a technology company focused on developing platforms that disrupt traditional industries, will establish a subsidiary. Nifter™ During the annual Art Basel Miami Expo. Art Basel is supported by over 290 galleries and attended by over 88,000 of the world’s top art collectors, celebrities, athletes and influencers.perfect timing for Nifter™‘s Art Basel launch allows Nifter to introduce ultra-rare trading cards, signed memorabilia by NBA legends, and NFTs of art by renowned artists to Nifter’s target audience of art collectors. increase.

Nifter™ Not only does it greatly benefit from direct physical access to the global art collecting community that converges in Miami, it also sets the tone for Nifter as a leading and trusted art collecting platform in the art world.

Nifter™ sets itself apart from other NFT platforms by focusing on a combination of real-world usage and token technology. Launching at Art Basel is a great opportunity to connect with our core art collecting clientele. said ClickStream CEO Michael Smith.

About Clickstream

clickstream Pioneer of disruptive digital platforms that challenge traditional industries.The company is currently developing Nifter™HeyPal, WinQuick, vegas winnerWhen long shot report.

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