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Nike dotSwoosh Web3 NFT virtual shoe platform launches this week

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With cryptocurrencies and NFTs currently in recession, Nike is pushing ahead with the launch of its new dotSwoosh Web3 platform.

It’s been an interesting week for Nike as it prepares to launch its NFT virtual shoe platform known as dotSwoosh. Nike has long been one of the most recognizable sports footwear companies, and it seems to carry that lineage into his NFT and Web3 worlds. DotSwoosh is a new platform that allows customers to design and purchase exclusive releases of virtual Nike shoes, apparel, and physical products. The platform has reportedly been in beta for some time and is set to fully launch this week.

Nike announced dotSwoosh release date The virtual platform website was updated this week. According to the website, dotSwoosh will officially launch on November 18, 2022 in full form. This is the follow-up to Nike. Web3 Acquires Blockchain and NFT Developer RTFKT Since then, the company has leveraged RTFKT’s talent and knowledge in the NFT space to develop dotSwoosh.

RTFKT logo
Nike has acquired Web3, blockchain and NFT developer RTFKT to help develop the dotSwoosh digital sneaker platform.
sauce: RTFKT

According to Ron Faris, head of Nike’s Virtual Studios division, the company hopes to generate interest in the Web3 space not only by appealing to NFT and Web3 enthusiasts, but also by providing products that Nike fans will find more comfortable to use. One purpose is to try to reach out to those who are

“We are not just targeting Web3 natives, we are interested in Web3, [buy NFTs] Because it’s too esoteric or too hard,” said Faris. first company in an interview.

That being said, dotSwoosh comes at a very turbulent time for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The collapse of the virtual currency exchange FTX, Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing And many companies in the FTX-related cryptocurrency industry have suffered because of FTX. Meanwhile, the crypto space suffered more losses earlier this year. TerraUSD and Luna Cryptocurrencies Reach $0 Value2022 has been a tough year for the cryptocurrency and NFT space despite continued investment by groups like GameStop. NFT Marketplace currently in beta.

That said, it seems Nike feels safe enough to go ahead with the dotSwoosh launch. Stay tuned for updates on Shacknews when it launches on November 18th.

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