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“Not Interested In Metaverse In The Current Scenario, Say Silicon Valley CEOs

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The Metaverse has received more attention in recent events. Several projects have emerged as the number of fans in the space has grown.

However, some technology company CEOs have expressed less enthusiasm for the metaverse. For example, Microsoft Gaming chief Phil Spencer and Snap CEO Evan Spiegel have revealed that they’re not big fans of the Metaverse.

At a recent Wall Street Journal event, they revealed their nonchalant stance on the current form of the Metaverse.

According to Spencer explanationthe Metaverse currently portrays a poorly constructed system of video games. This is indicated by its ecosystem’s bad graphics and low quality interface.

Spencer emphasized the advantages of game worlds over the metaverse, including the creation of multiple engaging virtual worlds. He also compared most metaverse projects to virtual meeting rooms.

A further explanation from Microsoft’s gaming chief pointed out the unique abilities of most video game creators. Furthermore, they said their project offers an enchanting world with enhanced appeal for relaxation and entertainment. The chief said he would never be involved in the project, a metaverse that resembles a conference room.

Spiegel compared the experience to living inside a computer. He said the iteration of the metaverse concept is now at a basic level. Therefore, for him, spending time on such projects does not generate excitement after a stressful job.

Additionally, Spiegel said Snap focused more on lowering the service’s hardware. Instead, we plan to follow the trend and swipe to virtual reality (VR) hardware. This helps your project provide a great experience in the real world through Augmented Reality (AR).

Impact of VR and AR on users

Virtual worlds create environments that depict the real world and provide thrilling experiences for users. Virtual Reality (VR) provides an immersive environment, while Augmented Reality (AR) augments the real-world environment. A headset device is required for users to access VR. However, that is not the case with AR.

Also, VR users engage in a whole world of friction. But AR users maintain full contact with the natural world through engagement.

Metaverse as a Broad Term

Some people don’t fully understand what the metaverse means. According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, the company decided not to use it as a term. said it was.

"Not interested in metaverse in current scenario, says Silicon Valley CEO
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Meanwhile, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Greg Joswiak, has revealed that they will never use the metaverse. Instead, he said the company prefers AR to his VR.

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